4 Steps To Clone Phone Number Without SIM Card

Four Steps to Clone a Phone Number Without Using a SIM Card

Today’s blog post will show you 4 steps how to clone a phone number without a SIM card. You may want to spy on your partner’s phone and are looking for a way to clone their phone number to monitor all actions. You might also have a new phone that you want to copy the data from to the new one.

You have nothing to be concerned about. Although phone copy can be difficult, it is not impossible. If you read the blog post and follow the instructions, you will be able to achieve this task very easily.

This tutorial will guide you through the steps needed to clone any phone number. Copy all data from another phone to yours. You can also duplicate data from one phone to the other.

Can I Clone a Phone Number without a Sim Card?

Yes, it is possible to clone a number without a sim card. There are many softwares that allow you to easily clone any phone number without a sim card. You can easily clone any phone number by following the steps in this article.

Phone cloning is possible without a sim card. There are many softwares and websites that allow you to easily clone a phone number without a sim card, just as I mentioned earlier. We have managed to select the best from all of them. You will need to carefully read the instructions to learn how to clone it yourself.

How to Clone a Phone Number Without Using a SIM Card

Make sure to back up all your phone data before you begin to clone any phone number using the steps below. This is vital to ensure that you don’t lose any data during the cloning process. Follow the steps below.

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To unlock your phone, first get your secret menu code. You can find many places to get your phone’s menu key. cellphonehacks.com is the best and most recommended. Log in to the website and search for your model number and menu key. Next, enter the hack code and move on to the next step.

To enable internet connection, turn on your phone WiFi or data. Next, enter your secret code on your cell phone service. This will bring up a menu showing your ESN (or electronic serial number). Enter this number and hit end to exit the screen.

To get to the secret menu, repeat the previous step on the phone that is not connected to the Internet. Scroll down to the ESN, and note it. It is best to replace it with the ESN of the service phone. To change the number you will have to find the code, which can also be found at site like www.cellphonehacks.com. A Nokia number changer can be found at #639#.

You should now have two functioning cell phones. In case of need, save the ESN for your clone.

How to Clone a Phone Number Without Using a SIM Card

There are alternative methods to clone your phone number without a sim card. If you find the first method too difficult or stressful, the second method will work in five minutes.

To clone any number of phones without sim cards, you can use third-party software. Google Play Store to download the phone cloner app or Cloneit app. Once you have downloaded the app, install it and start the cloning process.

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You should always have two cell phones. You will need to have the sim card from the one you wish to clone and the phone to which you are importing data. You will successfully clone the phone by turning on your WiFi. Follow the instructions in the app.

Is it illegal to copy a Sim Card?

The answer is no. It’s not illegal to copy a simcard. If the sim card that you wish to clone is not yours, it’s illegal.

After this, ensure that the sim card you wish to clone is yours.


I’ll be closing out the content. You should have seen the four steps to clone a phone number without a SIM card. Before you clone any phone without sim, make sure to back it up.

You can use the comments box below to ask any questions about this phone cloning. Within 48 hours, we will provide feedback.

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