Acun Ilicali Net Worth

What is Acun Ilicali’s Net Worth?

Acun Ilicali, a Turkish TV personality and producer, has a net worth in excess of $100 million. Ilicali, who is also the Vice President and founder of Acun Medya, owns TV8 in Turkey.

Acun Ilicali was a May 1969 Turkish citizen. Acun left Istanbul University in order to get started working. He started the Bagdat Caddesi, a small clothing store that went bankrupt. He then began working at Show as a reporter. In 2004, he founded his production company and it was one of the most successful companies in Turkey. Ilicali acquired TV8 in 2013, expanding his investments. Ilicali was a sports reporter who started his own show, where he traveled the globe. This became the first Acun Medya TV8 acquisition. Ilicali’s company broadcasts television shows, including the Turkish versions Of The Voice, Got Talent, Survivor, Deal or No Deal and Dancing with the Stars. TV. Acun is a three-time married mother to four daughters.

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