AJ Tracey Net Worth (July 2022)

Che Wolton Grant is a rapper from Ladbroke Grove in London.

AJ Tracey has risen through the ranks of the music genre Grime over the past few years.

He has had some success on the charts.

According to his Official Chart records, AJ Tracey

  • Top 10 most popular songs
  • 17 Top 40s
  • 27 of the top 75s
  • 223 weeks in top 75s

This young success begs the question: What is AJ Tracey’s net worth?

AJ Tracey Net Worth

AJ Tracey’s net worth is mainly derived from his music career.

Musicians make their living through record sales, contracts, and live performances.

His estimated net worth is 2-5 million.

General facts

Net worth 2-3 Million
Occupancy Musician
Nationality English
Height 5ft 11″
Died N/A
Born 4th March 1994
Age 28


Che Wolton Grant, also known as AJ Tracey on stage, was born in Ladbroke Grove London, 4 March 1994.

His musical family includes his father, a rapper, and his mother, a DJ in the jungle.

It is also well-known that Big Zuu (a fellow grime MC) is AJ’s cousin.

AJ did well in school and was accepted to university to study criminology. However, he decided to concentrate on his music instead (much like San Dave).

His music can be traced back around 2011 under a new name (Looney).

He has released mixtapes and freestyles with various members of his old group “My Team Paid” over the years.

They did not do much to make his name famous.

He gained more attention after releasing his 2015 EP, titled ‘Alex Moran’.

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The EP also included “Spirit Bomb” and “Nailia”, which were both well-received in their own right.

My opinion was that his biggest break came when he performed a song entitled packages with Link Up Tv.

This was part of the Link Up Tvs Mic Check Series.

It has been viewed over 14,000,000 times on Youtube as of this writing.

He became a star in the grime community after this single.

The song was then followed by a popular version of Santan Dave’s song titled ‘Thiago’.

AJ would release his fifth EP, ‘Secure The bag’, in the wake of these hits.

In 2018, AJ would model for Drake’s brand OVO’.

This would also be the year he would achieve success in the charts.

His song “Butterflies” with Not3s would be at number 19 on the charts.

AJ’s debut album would not be released until February 8, 2019, titled ‘Self Titled’.

It featured his second-highest-charting song, “Ladbroke Grove”, which reached number 3.

His only single that reached the top of the charts was ‘Aint it Different’ with Stormzy, Headie one.

Aj Tracey recently released his latest album, “Flu Game”, which includes songs such as:

  • Anxious
  • Bring It Back
  • Top Dog

Micheal Jordan, who was ill with food poisoning shortly before the NBA finals, inspired this title.

Aj hasn’t released any music since then, so it will be interesting to see his next release.


Is AJ Tracey still alive?

Aj Tracey is still here.

How tall is AJ Tracey

6ft 2 inches

Where is AJ Tracey from?

Ladbrooke Grove in London

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Conclusion on AJ Tracey Net worth

AJ’s recent rise to fame is a testimony to his dedication and hard work in music.

Before researching this piece, however, I didn’t know that he had been creating music since 2011.

AJ’s net worth has risen dramatically in recent years due to his numerous appearances on the chart, live performances, and overall record sales.

It will be interesting to see if he can change his schedule after the pandemic has ended.

I know he will continue to make music for his fans.

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