Allie Sherlock Net Worth

Allie Sherlock Net Worth 2022

– How Rich is the Irish Singer! Although it may not be a common way to make money, it was how Allie Sherlock became millionaire. She is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter. She became famous after recording herself on the streets in Dublin and uploading it onto her YouTube channel. Allie Sherlock is estimated to have a net worth of $3,000,000 as of 2022.

Allie, a Cork native, was born April 7, 2005. Her mother passed away when she was nine years old, and Mark Sherlock has been her greatest supporter since then.

At 11 years of age, she became a busker. She began performing in her hometown, but she later moved to Dublin’s Grafton Street where she performed every week. Sherlock was home-schooled for her education.

Every time she sang on the streets, her dad was there to accompany her. He was her music manager and suggested that she post her busking hobby to social media.


Rise to Fame

Allie started her YouTube channel in 2014. It slowly gained followers and she became a viral sensation after she uploaded a video of herself singing Ed Sheeran’s hit song, Supermark. In 2016, she performed live at Cork Opera House. The following year she was selected to join Britain’s Got Talent and reached the second round. She was also a performer at the Miss Universe Ireland 2017 beauty contest.

In 2018, she appeared on The Ray D’Arcy Show, RTE One. She also went to America to perform at ABC’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Her online presence was further boosted by this. She currently has 5.41 Million subscribers on YouTube, which is a remarkable feat in such a competitive space.

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Continued Success

Allie Sherlock signed a five year deal with Patriot Records in 2018 after Ryan Tedder, OneRepublic’s record label, offered her a contract. OneRepublic was supported by her on their 2020 European tour.

The 2020 album and EP by the Irish singer “A Part of Me” was released. Sherlock was also a member the artist collective “Irish Women In HA” and released four singles. She was also seen with the rock band Kodaline in 2022. She has been increasing her social media presence over the years and now has 2.1 million Instagram followers and 182,200 TikTok followers.

Net worth and earnings

Sherlock’s YouTube channel has been her most popular social media platform. estimates that it earns anywhere from $43,000 to $695,000 per month from ad revenues. Her large following on other networks will likely give her additional opportunities to make money.

The artist has not revealed the exact amount of her deal with Patriot Records. Her $3 million net worth will continue to grow as long as she keeps her music career moving forward.

Personal Life

Allie Sherlock is still young and hasn’t had much in the way of a relationship. She could still be single today. Rumours surround her relationship with Cuan Durkin who was a busker who also performed with the hetimes. However, neither one of them has spoken out about the matter.


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