Anna Delvey Net Worth

Anna Delvey is a German-born woman. Her career began as a Model, and she enjoyed a lot of success and popularity. She was able to make a lot of money modeling. Anna Delvey later moved into the real estate industry and became an extremely successful interior designer. She was able to build a huge wealth and prosper. However, she was later accused of fraud. Anna Delvey, a German socialite and very wealthy, deceived everyone. Her intention was to have more. She was driven to get more and wanted to do something big.

When Anna moved to Paris from New York, she was noticed by police and the Investigating Agency. Anna Delvey Net Worth was later arrested for possessing heroin. She was also charged with fraud.

Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, cheated dozens of people and companies into giving her cash to fund her lavish lifestyle. She falsely claimed that she could repay them with a net worth exceeding $65 million offshore. People were often misled by the German national that she was a heiress to her father’s oil empire. Her father was actually a truck driver of working class.

Anna Delvey, a wealthy woman, has been the subject of a lot of attention due to her extravagant lifestyle and unreal spending. Despite being caught by police on fraud and Felony charges, her entire wealth was confiscated. This is a shame for rich women. Anna Delvey fooled many people over the years, so her true wealth is unknown. However, an estimate of $25 million.

Anna Delevey Biography

Anna Delvey is the false name of Anna Sorokin. She has used it very successfully to deceive large crowds and commit fraud. Anna was born in Domodedovo (Russian SFSR, Soviet Union) on 23 January 1991. For most of her childhood, she lived with her father, a truck driver, for the majority of her life. Her mother, a small convenience shop owner, was her home. At 16 years old, she moved to Germany and began taking German and English classes.

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From a young age, she was very interested in modeling and used to read vogue and other magazines. She studied further in London, but she dropped out quickly. She moved to Paris later and began her modeling career under the name Anna DelvAnna Delvey.

Career and Awards

Anna Delvey began her career as an actress and model, although she used to live in Paris. In 2013, she was a model who took part in many fashion weeks and ceremonies. She moved to New York because it was easier and more affordable to work in New York.

Her office was in New York, as she was working for Purple. Anna left the company later and created the Anna Delvey Foundation. Anna pretended that she was a very wealthy German to fool everyone. In 2017, Anna was finally detained for fraud and felony. To cheat banks and hotels, she used fake accounts and other things. She was sentenced to anywhere from 4-12 years in prison. She is currently in New York and all of her information has been seized. Netflix launched a series called Inventing Anna in 2022 based on her story.


Anna Delvey began her education in the Episcopal School, a German catholic school. Later, she went to London to continue her education at Central Saint Martin’s. She dropped out of college after the first year. Later, she moved to Paris where she began working.

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