Answers to 6 Questions About Fitness Blender App You Should Know

What is Fitness Blender?

Fitness Blender is a YouTube Fitness channel, which has nearly 6 million subscribers. They have a YouTube channel and corresponding website. These 2 platforms feature more than 500 workout videos. Against a plain-white background, they sweat through basic but challenging workout moves, including the occasional stumble.

The coronavirus pandemic really changed a lot in the fitness and bodybuilding industry as more people seek workouts they can do at home.

Additionally, Fitness Blender offers 2 – 8 weeks workout programs that could be purchased for those who prefer a schedule rather than a single workout. Their website offers a paid membership, which offers extra features, such as exclusive workouts and access to personal health and fitness statistics.

Kelli and Daniel founded Fitness Blender as a side project for extra income in 2008 during the Great Recession, according to The Seattle Times.

Does Fitness Blender really work?

I did my research and analyzed many videos from their YouTube channel. The long and short of it is that yes, Fitness Blender workout videos work. The technique and strategies shown in their videos are enough to keep you in shape.

That is because they have an incredibly heavy workload. It must really take up a lot of time and energy for editing, writing, developing programs, doing voiceovers, etc…..for their videos.

In the end, you can see that they’ve made exercise a part of their daily life. They have to practice what they are teaching and can’t afford to make any excuses.

When they are in front of the camera filming a workout, they will definitely get in a good workout. But in reality, for every 15 minutes of video we see, there are at least 8 hours of additional production work done.

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Are Fitness Blender personal trainers?

fitness blender founders and personal trainers

It is evident that fitness blenders founders often use their own workout videos in some of their lessons. So, there you have it; they are personal trainers. It is not easy to tell if they are certified personal trainers, but I can bet they are.

They display some of the activities themselves and take doses of their own medicine, in terms of the brutal workouts they share.

Everything they use in their own fitness pursuits is most times recorded and made available to their viewers for free on their channel or website.

Fitness Blender Workout Programs

Their programs include workouts, meal plans, and routines. They have over 32 programs created to achieve different goals.

See their workout programs here, and their meal plan here.

fat loss program fitness blender

What about Fitness Blender videos?

Today, Kelli and Daniel have over 880 videos on their YouTube platform. Their videos vary in length typically around 30 minutes and show them teaching and taking viewers through a variety of exercises and workouts.

They have Workout videos for every fitness level, and you can access them absolutely free.

You can’t download their workout Programs and Workout Challenges videos because they work in conjunction with their online calendar.

Fitness Blender App

Does Fitness Blender have an app?

There used to be a fitness blender app, but they discontinued it. They stopped the use of their fitness blender app to focus on the developments of their fitness blender website.

For the best user experience, they had to streamline and focus on their website as their main platform for teaching.

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Which fitness app is best in 2021?

If you’re searching for the best fitness tool to help you achieve your fitness goals on your smartphone. Thanks to technology, we have incredible access to a wide variety of fitness apps.

If you get a good app, it makes it easy to work out, build strength and stay motivated and fit anywhere and anytime.

However, endless options and choices in our smartphones can also be overwhelming. We will try to narrow the list of best fitness apps down to 8.

  • Noom Diet.
  • The 10 Best Fitness Apps For 2021.
  • Freeletics.
  • Map My Run.
  • Strava.
  • JEFIT.
  • Openfit.
  • Seven.

You can find out why we choose these apps here. And also find out the Importance of Air Quality in your home, especially, if you work out at home.

In Conclusion,

Fitness Blenders has professionally-created Programs and Challenges that target specific goals and suit different training styles.  These programs provide the type of guidance that one would receive from a personal trainer (they charge you for this).

In addition, they sell some workout programs and workout challenges, which they use the income for further productions and to continue adding features and content to the Fitness Blender website.

This online fitness program doesn’t come with an app and their meal plans are less robust. However, the before-and-after photos on the site support the fact that Fitness Blender works well for many users of the platform.