Bad Boy Chiller Crew Net worth: How Much Money Do They Have?

They are the unassuming musicians that have taken the internet by storm – Bad Boy Chiller Crew has been enjoying every moment of their fame.

The Bradford trio have been making waves on the internet with their unique sound. Their success seems to be unaffected!

What is the net worth of Bad Boy Chiller Crew?

Bad Boy Chiller Crew Net Worth

The net worth of Bad Boy Chiller Crew is estimated at around PS11,000.


Bad Boy Chiller Crew consists of three friends: Gareth Kelly and Kane Welsh, as well as Clive Robinson. They’re slowly taking over the world now that Darren is onboard!

The group was signed by House Anxiety, a London-based record label. Darren has been negotiating a new contract for the boys with Relentless Records.

They have become a huge hit with their unique mix of 00s basslines and Yorkshire humor.

Chatting to the BBC band member Gareth quipped

“No one really sounds like us. We are our own genre.

It’s fast and it’s never boring.”

It doesn’t matter how you classify it, it seems like everything is working!

Their breakthrough single, 450 has been viewed over two million times on YouTube and supported by Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1.

Their debut album, Full Wack No Brakes has been a big hit.

The boys are experiencing a bit of an upheaval. They were self-described “dossers” 18 months ago and had jobs at ice cream vans and in a box-packing factory.

Gareth stated:

“The most important thing is to put a smile on everyone’s face. To give people hope.

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Many MCs up north have struggled for years to be recognized and now it seems like we are finally getting that genre of MC on our map.”

Challenges and Pranks

Although they are now taking over the music world, it was not something the boys had in mind.

They started filming skits, pranks and drinking challenges to social media – more for fun than anything!

The boys started this in the early 2000s and grew their fan base to become local celebrities.

Sometimes we have done so much that we can’t even call each other for three days.

How many times have you been home from a stupid job and felt anxious, wondering: “What did we just do?” ‘”

Their pranks were certainly gaining attention but the boys decided to change their direction by expressing their love for music.

Their first musical performance was in May 2019, when they made a new advertisement for a local pizzeria. They were seen wearing aprons and serving dishes from the menu.

The BBCC’s spokesperson Gareth stated that in their most recent round of interviews:


It seems that they are continuing to ride the success of their previous successes!

Fans are excited for their reality TV documentary, which will be available on ITV2 in the month of October.

They are currently on a 2021-2022 national tour that has already seen them play tons of sold-out gigs.

However, it is Bradford, the boys’ hometown that has the largest BBCC fanbase. Kane has tried to pinpoint the cause.

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“Not many people in Bradford our age do well.

Because people see themselves in WE, that’s why WE do so well. They have finally found a group they can relate to .”


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