10 best games like Summertime Saga (2022)

Did you enjoy playing Summertime Saga and wish there were similar games like it? If yes, then read on to know the 10 best games like Summertime Saga 2021

There are a lot of adult games out there but not all of them are like Summertime Saga. hence, the reason techpanda did good research to identify the best ones out there. In this post, you’ll get to know about the summertime Saga game and the 10 best games like Summertime Saga. 

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Summertime Saga

Summertime is a top-notch game for adults, with awesome dedicated graphics for risky players. The game starts in a small town, where you (the player) are a young man affected by the recent death of your father and you are still going to college. You’ve decided to solve the mysterious death of your father, only if you can with a distraction lurking around; a tempting woman.

The game makes it easy for you to establish and develop romantic relationships, and at the same time, you must assume the responsibility of paying a gigantic debt that your late father left with the mafia local, all within the same time that the mystery of the death of your father is revealed little by little as the plot advances.

The starting point of the Summertime Saga game is the discovery that your father was suddenly fired, from then lots of characters start to come into play, you interact with most of them and engage in dangerous but daring adventures, even naughty ones too.

10 best games like Summertime Saga

1.Milfy City: Games similar to Summer City Saga 

First on our list of best games like Summertime Saga is Milfy city. Milfy city is a game that revolves around building relationships with the super Milfs in town. The game has a lot of female characters, and great visuals too, which makes the quality of the game truly impressive. 

Milfy city and Summertime Saga have one thing in common; the main characters take the university world as their starting point. In Milfy City you begin as a student who rents an apartment near the school’s study center. Everything else in the game revolves around college life, women, and relationships. 

2. Melody: Games like Summertime Saga. 

Melody is a visual novel game where you play the role of a musician who arrives in a new city eager to try her luck. In the game, you will have to make decisions in the first person.

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The starting point of the game is the call to adventure which comes one day when you go to the market and a woman hires you to give private lessons to her niece Melody. At the end of the first individual lesson with Melody, you will realize that she’s a real bomb. Hence, within that period, you can ask for another type of appointment to be closer to Melody and start moving forward in your romantic relationship.

3. Dual Family

Dual Family is a life simulator game in which your goal is to find real love at all costs. Here, you have total control over your actions, your decisions and get to decide which woman you want to love.

The dual family has in-game scenarios designed to constantly push your relationship to the limit and test if you really want to save your relationship or break it.

You’ll also get the opportunity to test yourself in multiple situations and with several female characters as a couple.

4. A New Family

A new family is one of the best games like Summertime Saga with a great soundtrack and is a game that really grabs you. It starts this way; you get a call late at night, and it’s your ex … after the call, you are left with some really compromising information, which could change her life forever. So, will you be a nice guy or will you decide to use the information to your advantage?

5. Waifu Academy

Waifu Academy is a graphic novel rooted in the student world. It is another game that’s similar to Summertime Saga, with awesome 3D graphics and a vast universe of characters. 

In Waifu Academy, you start out as a young man from a private high school, Sazaki Academy, and you’re on a mission to expose the cruel truth behind your father’s death. In the quest to get revenge, you’ll encounter a lot of dangers, and the secrets you discover will be more and more disturbing … To the point that you get to doubt whether you should continue or give up.

However, this game is not a visual novel, so you come across the multiple answer options and the deep and long dialogues.

6. Camp Pinewood

Camp Pinewood is actually a dating simulator game that is quite entertaining. The starting point is as follows: You go on a trip to a student camp in a remote location, and on getting there you notice a small detail Summer camp was for women only!

Your mission in the game will be to find out what happened, while you mingle with your new partners.

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7. Mythic Manor

The Mythic Manor is a true visual novel with graphics reminiscent of Japanese manga. It has a vast universe of more than 250 different scenarios. Here, you will find yourself sharing a mansion with five girls of mythical beauty.

Your goal will be to make friends with the 5 beautiful roommates, get to know them personally, and decide which one or more is associating with. Movement and interaction are not limited to the mansion, as you can go out into the city and interact with the characters there.

8. Taffy Tales

Taffy Tales is a classic visual novel that takes place in a small town called Taffy. In this game, there are hundreds of missions waiting to be completed. The interesting thing about this game is that everything will at first seem traditional until you start to realize that Taffy is populated solely by citizens with personality disorders, all with a double life and a fearsome dark side.

In this dating simulator game, your goal will be to discover the Taffy Tales codes to help you unravel the dark past and present in this mysterious and exciting game.

9. Man of the House

In Man of the House, you are a young adult who has freedom of movement throughout the city and you live with three beautiful young women in an apartment. In this game, you can still choose any girl you want to charm, without limiting yourself to just your three horny roommates.

The Man of the House images are of great quality, and you can find objects that trigger different types of adventures depending on the decisions you make. 

10. Harem Hotel

Last on our list of best games like Summertime Saga is Harem Hotel. In this game, you buy a hotel and discover that 8 women who live there have different personalities and abilities. Your main goal will be to grow and boost the reputation of your hotel, while making friends with women, to enable you to level them up and complete their personal stories.

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That’s all on our list of the 10 best games like Summertime Saga in 2021. We’ve been able to explain the summertime Saga game and detail the best similar games like it.

Which of these summertime Saga games interests you the most? Let us know in the comment below.

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