Best Movies Downloading Sites

We are going to take a glance at those best movies downloading sites. We picked the best, because everyone wants the best.

Nowadays, people no longer go to the market to buy movies in CD’s and DVD’s, filling up the room divider with CD plates, some broken, some scratched.

Having no access to them again and unable to watch it again. No matter how you love the movie, it’s gone when scratched or broken.

Many a times you even have to go back to the market in search of that favourite movies that got scratched or broken, but find out it’s no longer available in the market. Aww! So disappointing and frustrating. Thank goodness for the upgrade in the world of technology.

Now you can download and watch your favourite movies online or offline by just visiting  a site. It’s as simple as that.  Once you download, you can watch it as many times as possible.

There are good, better and best movie downloading sites one can go to download his/her favourite or desired movies with ease and watch them later at their convenient time.


  •  YouTube: This is the most reliable site to download the best movies without stress. YouTube has always been at the top of entertainment channels or site,s, and has varieties of movies from different source or class.  When looking for best movies to download, YouTube is at your service. Whatever movie you do not find here is not recognized, accepted or does not exist at all. This site displays Nollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, etc. Downloading movies from this site is very easy and simple as long as you know the movie title.
  •  Movie Flixter: This is one of the sites to download the best movies. It is free and works on all mobile devices and personal computers. It keeps it’s users updated on the best movies so far and some important informations like the rate of view, production date, form: epic or glamour shot  etc. The movies displayed on this site are grouped into numbers or names and similarities, making it easier for one to locate or find his/her desired movies as quick as possible.
  •  YTS: This is one of the best sites for downloading the best movies. It has a huge collection of the best movies, thereby giving you a lot to choose from. Your desire for good movies cannot be terminated with this site. When looking for a new released movie, be it action, comedy, adventures, intense battle, etc. Here is the best place to look for it. It has thousands of movies from several kind, type, sort or class. It helps it’s users download movies with high qualities, making it easier and saves time.
  • This site allows one to download quality movies originally from their site; offering a huge set of quality movies arranged in an alphabetical order. If you have any mobile device, this downloading site is for you, because it work with interruption on it. They keep their updates in their newsletter for anyone who is willing to subscribe to have access them.
  • O2TVseries: This is one best movies downloading sites which groups movies in categories, therefore making it easier for one to find the particular movie he/she is looking for. It arranges the movies alphabetically. It also updates current movies day by day and view WWE and TV shows in addition. Downloading movies on this site is easy and convenient.
  •  Toxicwap: This movies downloading site does not bombard it’s site with much ads, even though there are few to see, but not as much as some sites that each scene of the movie is always interrupted by an ad. It also has HD movies, TV series and shows which is easy to download anytime, any where, anyday. It also offers most recent movies free of charge, all in HD quality.
  • AZ movies: This is one of the best movies downloading sites which displays movies from A to Z as it’s name implies. You can get all you’ve been searching for here. Having a huge collection of movies, it makes it easier and saves time and stress for the users by not having to go through different sites, since they can find what they are looking for here. This site having all the movies you can search for, is accompanied by good and satisfactory interface, drawing more people to their site.
  •  F Movies: This site has in one way or the other find it’s way to the top of best movies downloading sites. It contains old and new movies unlike some sites which you can find only recent movies without having the privilege to watch your old favourite movies again. It allows you to download any movie of your choice free of charge, without demanding for any payment, charges or subscription. You will enjoy downloading movies from this site because it’s user friendly.
  • Bootlegger: This is a search engine that offers hundreds of high  level of excellent movies one can download to watch. It provides a space bar where you can  type in  and search for any movie of your choice, provided you know the name or the movie title. Immediately you click the search button, you will see different downloadable movies with their links. It’s movies comes in series, HD, Blu-ray or MKV.
  •  Fou movies: This another wonderful and recommended place to download best movies. It contains both old and new movies, thereby making it easier for you to find any movie you are looking for, be it old, new or the latest. It has a huge collection of different movies from different productions. One can download movies or TV shows here free of charge.
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There are other good movies downloading sites that allows you to download your favourite movies or TV shows in your mobile phone or PC without any interruption. They are reliable and entertaining. Check out the ones below:  

>) Movie Night

>) Kanopy

>) Netflix

>) Vimeo

>) Open culture

>) Hulu

>) Roku channel

>) Movie watcher

>) EMOL movies

>) Xmovies

>) Popcorn flix

>) Yidio

>) Crackle

>) Tubi TV

>) Plex TV

>) 1337X movies, etc.