Best Place To Download Korean Drama

Korean drama also known as Kdrama are dramas/movies made in South Korea in Korean language but sometimes subtitled in many languages. They are known for its spectacular direction, quality production value, strong storylines, and actors emotional connectivity.

Korean dramas has over the years captured the attention of the teenagers, the youths and adults, due to their engaging storylines, beautiful/handsome actors with their captivating looks and moves.

Korean dramas are generally appreciated by lots of people in Asian countries and beyond. It has gone viral to the extent that is very hard to count up to ten homes in a street without coming across three to four Korean drama fans.

Korean dramas actors performance are intense, emotional and strong. It’s fans are always in search of places or sites to watch their favourite Korean dramas and download them to watch at their convenient time.

Are  you are among their fans? Search no more, here are some of the sites or places where you can download your favourite Korean dramas without stress and fear of virus or malware.

  1. VIKI: This Korean drama site is one of the best so far, as far as Korean dramas are concerned. It’s known for its ability to translate Korean language in different languages for better understanding.
  2. NEW ASIAN TV: This website does not only download Korean dramas but other Asian movies/dramas as well. It enables you to find as many Korean drama as you want but are often limited in a way. Limited in the sense that it is not available in all country, which is only accessible in the countries it accepts. So when you visit, try to check if it supports your country, if not, look for another website. Because as long as you didn’t find your country there, you won’t be able to download the Korean dramas you see.
  3. DRAMAGO: This is among the best sites to download the best Korean dramas. It makes it easier for you to find your desired Korean drama by listing all the Korean dramas available on their home page. It also provides the list of all the top popular Korean dramas separately to save you the time and stress of searching for them.
  4. KISS ASIAN is a well known site for downloading best Korean dramas online. It comes in different ways or dimensions like comedy, action and romance. Korean dramas are easy to find and download on this site. This site also provides you with the current Korean dramas online to keep you updated.
  5. GOOD DRAMA.TO is a reputable Korean dramas website which allows it’s users to watch korean dramas either online or download it to watch it later offline. Their interface is user friendly and offers a large list of korean  contents, japanese and Chinese movies or dramas.
  6. DRAMA COOL is a website for downloading the best Korean dramas. It provides a huge collection of Korean drama in series. It also has both the new and old Korean dramas. Wow! Congratulations! This means there is a chance you might see your old favourite Korean drama you’ve been looking for. It offers countless Korean dramas to watch and download for later viewing. It’s free all the way with a user-friendly interface.
  7. VIEWASIAN.CO is one of the Korean drama website which has gained the trust of many through the services they render or offer. It keeps you updated on the latest Korean dramas and gives you the opportunity to easily find and download them.
  8. DRAMABEANS is one of the oldest Korean dramas website with several korean drama contents available. It is not only available in Korea but also in Japan and China. It gives it’s users limitless access to korean dramas/movies. That is download and watch till you get tired of watching, because they provide it in large. If you are a Korean drama fan, you will get all you need here.
  9. MY DRAMA LIST is a Korean drama website which allows it’s users to download Korean dramas free of charge. It’s a free website and a safer ground to download your Korean dramas without paying a dime. It’s interface are user friendly and easy to use. They also upload newly released Korean dramas/movies, thereby keeping you updated and helping you make the most use of your time by it’s straightforward nature. It leads you straight to what you are searching for and help you download them.
  10. ANIME TV is one of Korean dramas website loved and appreciated by many for it’s free access to korean dramas/movies. It allows it’s users to go through their site in search of their favourite Korean dramas without stress. One of the good things about this site is that it works both on slow and fast internet. So when it comes to Animetv, internet connection is never a barrier for you to enjoy your desired Korean dramas.
  11. KOCOWA is a Korean drama website which uploads Korean dramas from their telecasting service in twenty-four hours and also helps it’s users get the premium version of Korean dramas and download them in HD quality once they subscribe. Note,; this site is only available for the northern and southern Americans.
  12. VIU is one of the safest korean dramas website to download Korean dramas free of charge without been scared of contacting virus or fear of malware. This site does not demand an account from you or payment of any kind, it’s totally free. One of the good attributes of this site is that they keep uploading and updating their library everyday using HD quality.
  13. NETFLIX is the most popular site where you can find not only Korean dramas but numerous dramas/movies from different places, TV shows and other engaging activities you can think of when it comes to entertainment. It’s dramas comes in several languages and can be found in many countries. They have series of korean dramas and allows it’s users to watch any of them that catches their interest once they pay for subscription. 
  14. SMALLENCODE is a Korean dramas website with small coded videos which allows it’s users watch different Korean dramas, music shows, concerts, movies and anime. It displays the details of  most of their drama or content shown, including the time, language, location or country.
  15. SOJUOPPA is one of the websites that allows it’s users download their favourite or most preferred Korean dramas without stress because their contents are set in different categories. The only thing you are to do is just to click on the Korean drama of your choice and download. It also has a simple layout which makes it easier to navigate through.