Best PS4 Controller with Paddles [5 Cheap & High-End Ones] 2022

Are you a gamer and you want to improve your efficiency with paddles? If yes, then you’re about to know the best PS4 Controller with paddles

Best PS4 Controller with Paddles
Best PS4 Controller with Paddles

Paddles can be very useful. They can enable you to position keyboards, mice ergonomically and more efficiently as well as get the right settings while gaming.

In fact, paddles create more control and comfort for your fingers on the go. You don’t need to always take your thumbs off the thumbstick to execute some intricate commands like aiming, jumping, and shooting combinations.

Also, paddles can be modified and customized to respond to a wide range of inputs that help improve your gaming performance. 

However, it can be very challenging in choosing the best PS4 controller with paddles as there aren’t a lot of big companies that produce quality, high-end game controllers, with this feature. In this post, you’re going to know the best cheap PS4 controllers with paddles that we’ve tested well enough and can assure you they’ll serve you well. 

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Best Ps4 Controller with Paddles [High-end, Cheap and Custom Options]

  • SCUF Prestige Wireless Custom Performance
  • AimControllers PS4 Custom Wireless Controller
  • NACON Controller Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro
  • PS4 Elite Controller, Modded Custom Program 6 Axis
  • SCUF GAMING Vantage 2 Wireless and Wired

1. AimControllers – Best Cheap PS4 Controller


First on the list of best PS4 controller with paddles is the AimControllers.  The AimControllers are one of the best ones you’ll find on the market if you’re looking for a high-quality custom wireless controller with back paddles. The shell of the Aim controller is hand-painted, while its back paddles are uniquely designed.

The 4 paddles on the back of the Aim controller cannot be programmed, instead, they have remapped Upper Left Triangle, Lower Left X, Lower Right O, and Upper Right Square. If you’re purchasing a new one, It comes with controller instructions to help you with configuring the controller to your preferred settings.

The AimControllers provide improved ergonomics, durability, style, and several functions. It doesn’t take long to get familiar with the learning curve as you can master the paddles after two to three games.

2. Nacon 311608 – Nacon PS4 Controller

Nacon 311608

If you previously had an Xbox gaming console and you’re switching to PS4 from it, then you may like one of the best PS4 Controllers with paddles that will still be familiar. And that controller is the Nacon 311608. It is a very ergonomic controller that feels great on the touch, comes with a powerful battery life that can last close to 9 hours. 

The Nacon 311608 comes with several customization options. There are 3 sets of weights that can be added to the controller, domed thumbsticks, and different shaft sizes that help to decrease the turn radius to give you a better, more ergonomic grip.

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Also, there are a couple of lighting features in the Nacon 311608. The light settings and the button assignments of all the buttons on the controller including the back paddles can be changed. In the gaming software, you can change the sensitivity on the triggers and thumbsticks and still be able to save the customizations in up to 4 separate profiles. This is one of the things that makes the  Nacon 311608 one of the most customizable PS4 controllers with back paddles.

The Nacon 311608 can also be used with both wireless and wired connections because it comes with a Bluetooth receiver inbuilt. There are LED indicators, the stick heads can be interchanged, and the battery is clocked at 1300mAh. Overall, the Nacon 311608 is one of the best PS4 Controller with paddles that can be easily customized to preferred settings. 

3. Conbeer PS4 Elite – Best Cheap PS4 Controller

Conbeer PS4 Elite

The Conbeer PS4 Elite is cheap and also one of the best PS4 Controller with paddles. It is also one of the most lightweight controllers that come with back paddles that work great for FPS games.

Also available is software that allows you to adjust the controller to your desired settings. The Conbeer PS4 Elite Also is compatible with PS3 and PS4 Pro gaming consoles, and you can easily switch between the different modes. Other features include a 3.5mm jack for your headphones, headset, and mic support.

The 4 back paddles can be remapped to work with other function buttons, and settings can be saved to up to 4 different profiles. This makes it quite easy to change the configuration of the paddles as well as switch between the different profiles.

The Conbeer PS4 Elite controller has great customizability and allows gamers to easily switch between the different modes. 

4. Scuf Vantage 2 –  Scuf Controller ps4

Scuf Vantage 2

The Scuf Vantage 2 is another one of the best PS4 Controller with paddles. It comes in two different types; wired and wireless. It’s a USB controller, comes in a protective travel case for the controller’s safety and it can be charged with a micro USB cord.

The Scuf Vantage 2 is used by some of the best eSports gamers because it is a highly customizable controller. The controller comes with software that enables you to customize the controller to your playing style. There are over 60 interchangeable parts and a removable magnetic faceplate that can be easily switched between in customizing your game setup. 

The Scuf Vantage 2 has some great designs. The controller’s design is lightweight, solid, and very easy to grip. The surface texture is also cool as it ensures that it doesn’t slip off your palm even if you sweat on them. 

Scuf Infinity 4ps Pro – Scuf Controller ps4

SCUF INFINITY4PS PRO – Best Cheap Scuf Controller for PS4

The Scuf Infinity 4ps Pro is the cheapest Scuf controller for PS4. Despite the fact that it is cheap, it still has some awesome features to make it one of the best PS4 Controllers with paddles. It is last on our list of the best PS4 Controller with paddles.

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This PS4 elite controller with paddles allows you to keep your thumbs on the thumbsticks and still perform advanced moves with the back paddles. There’s also a Quick Shift Trigger stop that allows easy activation of the various activation points on the trigger stop. With this feature, you can reduce trigger movements that aren’t necessary during your gaming. In fact, the scuf infinity 4ps pro is an excellent option for shooter games.

The adjustable hair trigger allows the weapon to fire a one-tap process and eliminate unnecessary latency. To activate this feature, turn on the Scuf Key.

Best PS4 Controller with Paddles FAQs

Are Scuf Controllers Cheating?

Not at all. In fact, using Scuf controllers isn’t cheating because scuf controllers are still analog controllers, and the only advantage you seem to get from them or any other high-end controller is maneuverability. This means that while gaming, you can still control your character in-game without lifting your thumbs from the sticks.

Do Scuf Paddles Work On Regular Controller?

No, Scuf paddles do not work on regular controllers. Therefore, you can’t use them on a normal controller because there isn’t a place to put the Scuf Elite paddles on a regular controller.

Do Paddles Help With Fortnite?

Yes, paddles will help with Fortnite gaming as they will enable you to keep your thumb on the thumbsticks while using essential control options like reloading and jumping.

What Is The Point Of A Scuf Controller?

A Scuf controller is designed to decrease the use of your hands by reducing latency with ergonomics. It is also used to improve comfort, reduces the movement of your hand and fingers. and enable you to control more of your in-game character while doing less work.

Can You Use Xbox Elite Controller on PS4?

Yes, you can use the Xbox Elite controller on PS4 by plugging the Xbox One controller into the first port on the hub. Then connect the PS4 controller into the fourth port and turn the PS4 ON.

Does PS4 Have An Elite Controller?

Yes, Scuf Gaming has some of the best Elite-Like controllers for PS4 like the Scuf Vantage 2 which comes with features like side-mount buttons, button remapping,  a faceplate that can be removed, and interchanged, and four back paddles for games like Fortnite and COD.


These best PS4 Controller with paddles enable you to position keyboards, mice ergonomically and more efficiently as well as get the right settings while gaming.

In fact, controllers with paddles like the best cheap ps4 controllers, Nacon ps4 controller, Scuf controller ps4, create more control and comfort for your fingers on the go. 

Have more questions on the best PS4 Controller with paddles [5 cheap & high-end ones] 2022? If yes, let us know in the comments below.

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