Bez Net Worth

Bez is a celebrity on Happy Mondays. What is his net worth and who is he?


The music legend has traded in his maracas and bought a pair skates. He will be at the rink during Dancing On Ice 2002. Everyone loves Bez since Happy MondaysCredit : Splash


Who is Bez?


Bez is an English percussionist and dancer, DJ, and media personality. The 57-year old is most well-known as a member the indie band Happy Mondays and Black Grape where he plays maracas and dances on stage.


He won Celebrity Big Brother in 2005.


Bez was also featured on Gogglebox Celebrity With Happy Monday star Shaun Ryder.

How much is Bez worth?

Bez is reported to have a net worth around PS700k.

He won the Celebrity Big Brother Award and paid his taxes with a cash prize, PS50,000. Then he handed a black taxi in London to PS10,000.


He earned his living primarily by touring again with Happy Mondays.


Is Bez married?

Bez isn’t married, but he lives with Firouzeh Razavi in Herefordshire.

He is the father of Arlo and Jack, as well as Leo and Leo.

Bez has a gBez that dances and plays maracas. This was seen here in 2000Credit to News Group Newspaper Ltd


Is Bez really the real Bez?


It’s unlikely that you’ll be surprised to find out that Bez is not your real name.

He’s actually Mark Berry.

Although it’s unclear how he earned the nickname Bez on Happy Monday, Shaun Ryder is simply known as X.

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Bez, ice dance star, falls horribly when her helmet is blown off her head by an icy bl

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