Big Narstie Net Worth

Big Narstie is 36 years old and has many talents. There are many career options for Big Narstie, including singing and rapping, writing, comedy, and you would expect that he has a lot of money.

His career started in 2002 when he was part N double A’s grime crew. His career has grown steadily since then. His comedy show, “The Big Narstie Show”, was launched in 2018. He co-hosts it with Mo Gilligan, the British comedian and the latest host of the BRIT Awards. The show is broadcast by Channel 4. It features relaxed conversations between the hosts and celebrity guests. Audiences can also enjoy musical performances and comedy skits. It has been a huge success, winning the BAFTA in 2021 for best Comedy Entertainment Program.

He was also the first guest to appear on The Big Narstie Show. Big Narstie was also his first guest on The Big Narstie Show. However, he faced many challenges before all of his successes. He was born in Brixton in South London and felt that he would end up in prison. Big Narstie today says that he is grateful to God for his life and the courage he has to pursue his dreams.

Big Narstie also released solo albums over the course of his career. .

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