Bob Mortimer Net Worth

Bob Mortimer net Worth:

Bob Mortimer, an actor, comedian and writer from England, has a net worth $5 million. Bob Mortimer was born May 1959 in Acklam in Midlesbrough in the North Riding of Yorkshire. His double act with Vic Reeves, Vic and Bob is his most well-known. He also co-owns Pett Productions, an independent production company. He has starred on the TV series Vic Reeves Big Night Out and The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer. Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer won the British Comedy Award in 2012. Mortimer replaced Rik Mayall as the mascot for Well’s Bombardier Beer Bombardier Bedford in 2015. It was discovered that Mortimer was still recovering from triple bypass surgery in October 2015. The first leg of Reeves and Mortimer’s 25-year tour was cancelled.

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