Can You Unsend An iMessage

iMessage is an online service use for instant messages. It was developed by Apple Inc and launched eleven (11) years ago in the year 2011. It’s built inside Apple phones enabling the user send and also receive photos, videos and messages from anyone who uses the same too. “Can You Unsend An iMessage”

It requires internet connection before it can be used and can only be accessible or function well on Apple devices, such as iOS, watchOS, iPadOS and MacOS, iPod.

One of the beneficial aspect of this imessage is that it enables or allows your household send messages, videos, contacts, photos to their friends and other family members without having to sign up to a mobile data plan, using an iPhone, iPad or an iPod.

It allows you to design or decorate messages with stickers, share a song to your loved ones and engage in a conversation with them. It also has features like Emojis, which enables you to create your desired animated emoji using your voice and facial expressions, attaching your mood and sharing them to family and friends.


This is indeed fun and exciting. It actually gives room for expression, but in a situation whereby you sent an imessage which you are not supposed to send or maybe sent it to the wrong person, what do you do?

Is it possible to unsend it? This question has been in the mouth of almost all the imessage users all over the world, but the truth is that imessage cannot be unsend once the recipient has seen, view or read it.

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But there are conditions that enables you unsend an already sent imessage. And that’s what we are going to disclose to you below.



These are conditions in which it may be possible for someone to unsend an imessage mistakenly sent to the wrong person or an error message that needed to be corrected before it’s been sent.

1) UNDELIVERED iMESSAGE: This is a situation whereby the message you sent to someone has not been delivered to the person or the recipient has not received your message either as a result of network failure or poor internet connection.

In this case, it is possible to withdraw or unsend imessage you have sent to the person. Once the imessage is delivered and read by the recipient, it’s quite difficult to unsend it.

2) CANCELLED iMESSAGE: This is another means of withdrawing an imessage from the recipient and saving your pretty self from a whole lot of stress and apology. Be fast enough to delete the message before it is sent.

If you can be able to do this, then you have nothing to worry about and there will definitely be no need of unsending such message because it has already been deleted before it was sent.



These are the nearly possible ways of how you can unsend an imessage.

1) INTERNET DISCONNECTION: This is a situation whereby you disconnect from the internet as soon as you notice you sent the wrong message or there was an error in it.

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By simply opening your notification bar, tapping on the flight mode, going back to the message to delete it and then leaving your iPhone in flight mode for about five to seven minutes before putting it off.

This procedure can hinder the message not to be sent, since we know that imessage cannot work or function properly without an internet connection, but make sure it’s done immediately you tap on send. In case of any delay, you won’t be able to succeed with this. 

2) USE OF TIGER TEXT APP: This has been one of the notorious app which helps Apple phone users to delete, recall or unsend an imessage. You can find this app in the Apple store. Let’s look at how you can install it, in case you haven’t done so.

  • Go to Apple store
  • There you will “Tiger Text App”. Tap on it
  • Enter your Apple ID and password
  • Tap on “Install”
  • Then finally tap on “Accept”. Using this app helps you unsend an already sent imessage as long as it hasn’t gotten to the supposed or mistaken recipient.

NOTE: These options are not proven to be 100% guaranteed.  It’s under probability if it may work for you or not, but one thing is guaranteed, the reliability of imessage.

So we advice that you should properly check or go through your message before sending it, especially when you are using imessage to send it.