Catherine Bell Lesbian

Catherine Bell is an American actress in her early fifties who is popularly known for the role she played in ABC series, Army wives as Dennis Sherwood. She got married to Adam Beason; a film writer and producer in the year 1994. “Catherine Bell Lesbian”

They had two children before they separated in the year 2011, been married for 17 years. This lady by the name Catherine Bell is said to have a secret female romantic or sexual affair with a female photographer and event planner by the name Brooke Daniells who is in her early thirties, based in Los Angeles.

Brooke Daniells was once married to a soldier and had two children (Dane her son and Chapel her daughter) before they separated. There is no much details about her because she was able to make sure that her marital life and past relationships was not made known to the public.

It wasn’t long after Catherine Bell and Adam Beason made it official to the public that they are separated in 2011; that the media came to uncover the secret romantic affair between Catherine Bell and Brooke Daniells in 2012, just a year after the public announcement of the separation.


The both ladies kept silent to this news as if it was a mere false rumour until it was discovered that Brooke Daniells now lives with Catherine Bell in her 3,380 square feet ranch mansion in Los Angeles.

This is a solid and undeniable confirmation that the rumour carried out on them is true. The sudden news of their lesbian relationship just one year to her breaking up with Adam Beason left many thinking the two ladies intentionally left their marriage just to be with each other.

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They have been together for 10 years (since 2012 to 2022) now and has no plan of separating from each other despite the rumour and parent reaction.

Catherine Bell
(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)


Brooke Daniells’ mum by the name Penny Atwell was interviewed in one occasion on her opinion concerning her daughter’s affairs with Catherine Bell; but her response sounded so angrily which indicates she isn’t happy at all about it.

On the other side of Catherine Bell, none has been heard about from any of her family members concerning her relationship with Brooke Daniells.



Catherine Lisa Bell is the daughter of Peter Bell and Mina Ezzati Peter. She was born in London on the 14th of August, 1968. Two years after she was born, her parents got divorced and she was taken to her maternal grandparents to be raised by her grandmother.

She was a school drop out, having dropped out of the University of California Los Angeles during her second year in school where she enrolled to study medicine due to her passion for modelling.

On the other side, Brooke Daniells was born on 30th of June in the year 1986. She was born and brought up in Texas USA. She had a degree in psycology and a master’s in communication at the Sam Houston state University in Texas.

She developed her passion for photography through her father who is concerned and seen as an expert in the field of photography.



Catherine Bell is a beautiful model,  popular actress, and  a film producer  who has played many roles in the film industry.

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One of the role that really brought her out to the public and make her more famous is the role of Dennis Sherwood which she played in the movie “Army wives” in ABC series.

She is known for her excellent performance and diligence in carrying out her profession. On the side of Brooke Daniells, she is a former beauty queen, film writer, producer, actress, event manager / planner and an award winning photographer.

At the age of 23, she was crowned Miss Texas, USA in the year 2009. Aside that, she has also appeared in some movie series written and produced by her and also did well as an actress. Some of the movie series are “The Apology Dance” “Vanguard” “Dispatch Movies” “Change of Life”, etc.

She does not only feature I mmovie series but also features in TV series. She is also one of the photographer who is nationally published.



Catherine Bell is said to have made a lot of millions in her level of career as an actress and has a net worth of over $15 million, while Brooke Daniells is said to have a net worth of over $2 million. Her main income comes from photographing, event planning and movie production.