Colin Furze Net Worth

Colin Furze, a British YouTube celebrity, stuntman and inventor with more than 9 million views, is a billionaire.

Colin Peter Furze, 42, is a Youtuber and Celebrity. He was born in Stamford (Lincolnshire), England on October 14, 1979. He is an inventor and has a YouTube channel with the same name. His YouTube channel documents his many creations. He posted a March 13th 2010 video of his custom scooter equipped with a flame thrower, which could fire flames up to 15ft (4.6m) high.

Lincolnshire Police arrested him for possessing a weapon-like instrument on March 25, 2010. He was released the following day on a bond without being charged. In 2022, how much will Colin Furze make? His Youtube EarningsAccording the Net Worth Spot, Furze’s net worth is estimated to be $2.25million as of 2022. Colinfurze’s YouTube channel attracts nearly 9.36 Million people each month.

YouTube channels that are monetized can make money playing ads. YouTube channels can earn between $3 and $7 for every 1,000 video views.

These data indicate that Colinfurze YouTube channel earns $37.43 million in ad revenue each month and $561.41 thousands annually.

Colin Furze’s YouTube channel receives over 9.36 million views per month. YouTube channels that are monetized can make money playing advertising.

YouTube channels earn $3 to $7 per thousand videos viewed. This data shows that the Colin Furze YouTube channel generates an average of $37.43000 in ad revenue each month and $561.41 000 annually.


 Furze Professional Background

After dropping out of school to become a plumber, he began his career as a Gadget Geeks cast member.

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Furze also created a hoverbike and a wall-of-death, as well as a motorbike powered with pulsejet engines and the fastest mobility scooter in the world, pram and dodgem.

His creations include an Assassin’s Creed series spring loaded hidden blade and grappling hook as well as an artificial-turf-covered BMW E30 with hot tub. He also puts on extravagant firework displays to celebrate reaching YouTube subscribers milestones.

Furze created a pair authentic Wolverine claws based upon a pneumatic mechanism to kick off his 3-week-long X-Men characters character special. It received more than three million views in its first week.

He announced in March 2022 that he would build a tunnel linking his home and workshop.

It took him three years to construct. The concrete was then coated with metal sheets. Next on his list are the bunker and driveway.

On March 1, his YouTube channel had 11.7 millions subscribers.

Where did Colin Furze come from?

Colin was raised by caring and supportive parents in Stamford (Lincolnshire), England.


Furze says that he went to Malcolm Sargent Primary School from the time he was a child until he graduated from senior school. Furze said that he had already started to build subterranean dwellings and a few treehouses at the time.

After dropping out of school at 16 years old, he became a plumber. This allowed him to concentrate on tools, gadgets and engineering.


He discovered YouTube shortly after the death of his father and began uploading his inventions to it in 2007.

He and Charlotte have a daughter Erin (born 2012) and a son Jake (born 2012), who both appear in his films often. Rick Simpson and Tom Lamb, two of his closest friends, help him. 5, 2022.

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