How To Take Screenshot On HP

How To Take Screenshot On HP

The most effective method to Take Screenshot On Hp A screen capture is a straightforward yet one of a kind activity that permits you to catch the exact thing’s shown on your screen. This is the way you can take a screen capture on your HP PC or work area. Step by step instructions On … Read more

Best UK Used Laptop In Nigeria

Best UK Used Laptop In Nigeria

In the olden days, we find it difficult to calculate, get informations and do a lot of scientific works, but since the establishment of the computer age which began when the first multipurpose computer ENIAC(electronic numerical integrator and calculator) was completed in 1945, computers have gone far and wide. With laptops today, we can do … Read more

laptop not detecting monitor [what to do if your extended display is not working]

laptop not detecting monitor

Using a monitor for extended display while working with your laptop could enable you to accomplish whatever you’re doing more efficiently whether at your workplace or home. Yet, it can be frustrating when your laptop can not detect your monitor.  In this article, you’ll get to know 4 things you can do if your extended … Read more

HDMI Port Not Working On Laptop ? [Here’s How To Fix And Enable HDMI Port On Computer]

HDMI Port Not Working On Laptop

Have you ever tried to project video and audio from your laptop onto your HD-capable devices such as televisions and audio receivers and you discover the HDMI port doesn’t seem to work? If yes, read on to know how to fix the problem of the HDMI Port not working on laptop.  HDMI which means High-Definition … Read more

laptop to tv HDMI no signal [what to do if your laptop wont connect to tv hdmi on windows 10]

laptop to tv hdmi no signal

Do you have a windows 10 laptop that gives a ‘no signal’ response whenever you want to connect it to your tv HDMI?  If yes, this article will explain in detail what you can do to fix the laptop to tv HDMI no signal.  HDMI is the most frequently used HD signal for transferring both … Read more