Dave Hester Net Worth (2022)

Dave Hester Net Worth

Net Worth: $4 Million
Gender: Male

Dave Hester is an American unscripted tv series star and entrepreneur who has a total assets of $4 million. Dave Hester is presumably generally well known for being one of the stars of the A&E unscripted tv series “Capacity Wars” which debuted in 2010. He is additionally the proprietor of the Newport Consignment Gallery and Rags to Riches Thrift Store. Dave Hester has 25 years of involvement as a sale tracker.

Early Life

Dave Hester was brought into the world on July 23, 1964 at the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base in Oceanside, California. His mom was brought into the world in Mexico and his dad was of German and Irish plummet. His dad, whom Dave has frequently depicted as a “hoarder,” (seems OK) served in the military yet additionally was an ardent authority of train collectibles. Rather than attending a university, Dave chose to seek after barters with his dad. In any case, rather than simply gathering them, Dave went in determined to procure a benefit off the side interest. Dave has one sibling, however the two are apparently not embracing a positive outlook.


Dave was only 14 when he started purchasing apparatus and devices from region barters and thusly offering them to shops on the army installation where he resided. During the ’90s, he functioned as a major catcher at capacity units. Dave turned into an authorized salesperson in 1992. Dave sold his dad’s enormous train assortment, acquiring a little fortune to subsidize his business. He set up two shops, Newport Consignment Gallery, and Rags to Riches secondhand shop, a 10,000 square foot expressway facade display area in Costa Mesa, California with at first only 15 representatives, where he sells and sell-offs his tracked down treasures in general.

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Capacity Wars

Beginning around 2010, he has shared the focus on the unscripted television show “Capacity Wars” with salesperson Dan Dotson, as well as closeout trackers Darrell Sheets, Barry Weiss, Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante. The show at first started with a sluggish beginning and a couple of episodes being shot. The mission of the show is to sell the items in a capacity unit where lease for the utilization of the office has not been paid. In California when lease isn’t paid on an extra space for quite a long time, the items are sold by a barker. The show follows proficient purchasers who buy the items in view of a five-minute assessment and what they can find in a speedy assessment. The objective is to make money on the product.

The show in the long run picked up speed and in its second season it turned into the most watched A&E show. The show has proceeded to film a few additional seasons; its thirteenth season started circulating in April 2021. They have proactively gotten recording for a twist going called Storage Wars: Texas which is a Dallas-based variant of Storage Wars.

Dave Hester, otherwise known as “The Mogul”, proprietor of a secondhand shop in Costa Mesa, right now has 15 representatives, and is the second generally funded of the Storage Wars bunch, as well as the show’s repetitive adversary.

Individual Life

Hester has been hitched to his significant other Donna Hester for a long time. The couple share a youngster named Dave Hester Jr., who incidentally shows up on the show with Dave. Hester is exceptionally close-lipped regarding his own life and is very thoughtful notwithstanding his uproarious on-screen character.
Discussions and Scandals

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In 2005, Dave was sentenced for a DUI and performed local area administration at a nearby Goodwill store. Dave is known for his cutthroat and rowdy persona, and he has been engaged with a few debates and fights during his experience on “Capacity Wars.” He was terminated from the show in 2012, and Dave documented a claim against the organization. He was approached to pay $122,000 after the claim was dismissed, however he wouldn’t pay. After the case was settled, he got back to the show. In 2015, a fight including Dave, Dan, Laura, and their clench hands, was caught on the screen.

In April 2012 Dave Hester was engaged with a claim over his renowned expression “Yuuup.” Dave had as of late been allowed a brand name for the expression yet sadly R&B star Trey Songz. Three pointer Songz asserted he has been utilizing the expression “Yuuup” since somewhere around 2009. The issue is that both Hester and Songz are utilizing the expression to bring in cash off apparel lines and product.

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