Download FRP Tools

FRP stands for Factory Reset Protection. It is a built-in security feature on Android devices for protection of information/data on your device.

Once you register a Google account on your device, the FRP will immediately be active with or without your permission but once you remove your Google account, it’s automatically deactivated. There are lots of active FRP tools one can download on any Android device. They are

  1. FRP bypass tool: This is used to ignore and escape the factory reset protection lock on your Android device without going to the computer for assistance. You can simply unlock them by tapping on the Android device bypass tools. Some of them are
  •  Open setting app
  •  Install alliance shield
  •  Open Samsung Galaxy Store
  •  Open S9 launcher
  •  Open Gmail App
  • Open YouTube App
  •  Open Quick shortcut
  • Open Samsung Galaxy App
  •  Open Google Search App
  •  Open File Manager
  •  Open Chrome App.
    1. Google Account Manager: This helps in organizing and managing your Google account, creates password, changes password and deletes account as well. They are

* Download Google Account Manager Android 4.2

* Download Google Account Manager 4.0.3 Ice cream-sandwich


* Download Google Account Manager Android 4.4

* Download Account Manager Android 5

* Download Account Manager Android 5.1

* Download Account Manager (Android 6)

* Download Account Manager Android 6.I

* Download Account Manager Android 7

* Download Account Manager Android 7.1

* Download Account Manager Android 8

* Download Account Manager Android 8.1

* Download Account Manager Android 9

* Download Account Manager Android 9.1

* Download Account Manager Android 10.

  1. FRP APK: This is a tool used to remove FRP lock on your android device when you can’t remember your Google account username and password. You can use this to unlock your phone and start using it normally.
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“Download FRP Tools”

* Download GAM v9.0.apk

* Download FRP-Bypass.apk

* Download Hash SMS. apk

* Download DRparser Mode Calculator

* Download Apex Launcher

* Download App Google Access

* Download file commander

* Download FRP Android 7.apk

* Download GAM 10.apk

* Download FRP VNROM.apk

* Download Remote GSM Edge

* Download Android Terminal.apk

* Download Smart Switch Android.apk

* Download Android Terminal.apk

* Download Technocare.apk

* Download Go Launcher Z

* Download Huawei Phone Cloner

* Download FRP file sms V2.apk

* Download Quick Shortcut Maker


In a situation whereby you lose your phone or maybe someone wants to reset it, your android device will always demand for your Google registration credentials such as your password and Google account ID before it can be opened. Then in case you forgot your Google account password and ID, the only solution to this is to find a way to bypass a Google account FRP and start making use of your device. These tools that helps in unlocking and bypassing Google factory reset protection on your device are called FRP bypass tools. Some of them are

* Samsung FRP Helper Vo.2

* Pangu FRP

* D&G password unlocker

* FRP/Google account bypass

* FRP lock removal service 

* GSM flasher

* Droid Kit’s FRP bypass tool

* FRP Unlocker

* Unlock Unit Intelligent Assistant

* SP Flash Tool

* Odin 3

* Media Tell FRP.


  1. It reduces the chances of theft
  2. It prevents scammers from having access to your phone when stolen
  3. It keeps your android safe.
  4. It helps to boost your device data security
  5. It protects the information on your device
  6. It prevents unauthorized access to your device
  7. It locks the screen of your device making it inaccessible by strangers
  8. It provides a very robust layer of security
  9. It cannot be enabled manually
  10. It ensures that someone can’t rest your phone.
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Do you find it hard remembering your Google account ID/password each time and this has become a trouble to you, so all you wish right now is to remove it. Then these are the steps to take

* Go to settings and tap to open

* Move to open account

* Click on Google

* A list of accounts will be displayed on your device screen. Choose your Google account from it

* Tap the three dots on the menu tool at the right hand side

* It will show some options to choose from

* Click on “Remove Account”

* And it will be removed. Once you are done removing your Google account from your device, the FRP is instantly disabled.


   In a situation whereby you bought a second hand phone with FRP lock, these are steps to take in unlocking it and start using it normally. But make sure you have a steady Wi-Fi network.

* Down the FRP bypass app on your phone

* Get a flash drive and paste it

* Get an OTG cable

* Connect your locked phone and flash drive to it

* A file manager app will show

* Select an click bypass account

* Tap on “Enable” from the unknown sources option

* From the development settings, click on “Install” and the app file will be installed

* Move to settings and select back up and reset

* All the apps, accounts including the FRP will be removed from your device.

“Download FRP Tools”