Elastic Band & Accessories for Firm Ass

The popular colored rubber bands for firm ass increase the intensity of exercises and the burning of calories, especially in the legs and buttocks area.

You must have seen more than one famous personality perform their sports routines with striking colored rubber bands while surfing through Instagram.

The elastic bands have become the sports accessory of the spring because, in addition to being affordable, they increase the intensity of your exercise. They are an exceptional method of elevating the workload of the lower body and glutes. 

They help to tone up and work on strength, which is so necessary to change the percentage of our body composition and have less fat and more muscle.


To Burn Calories!

With the elastic bands the intensity of the exercise increases and, with it, the burning of calories. By requiring the body to activate very large muscles, we achieve greater perfusion and pulse rate. In this way, we increase caloric expenditure. Although you are doing leg and exercises for firm ass, the abdomen is also activated and gets in shape.

The Squat, The Star Exercise For Firm Ass

If there is an ideal exercise to start introducing the bands in our fitness routine, it is the squats. The squat is also one of those exercises that provide the most benefits to our body in terms of health and looks (aesthetics). Follow these steps:

  1. Place the band above the knee joints . The tension must be maintained, so that the knees are separated.
  2. Squat down with your feet facing forward and your legs apart. Release the air at the moment of ascent , while you extend your legs, squeeze your buttocks and tuck in your abdomen.
  3. The back must be straight and the arms in front of the chest, with the hands intertwined for a correct technical execution.
  4. Incorporate the bands at this moment of opening the arms or even in quadrupeds to increase the intensity of the gluteal work.
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3 Different Intensities

To start practicing with the bands for firm ass, it is advisable to choose a pack of three intensities, light, medium, and strong, to adapt them to the level of the muscle group; working the arms is not the same as working the legs, abdomen or buttocks. 

It is recommended to gradually increase the pace to perform the greatest number of exercises with high intensity. “The moment we notice that it is not difficult for us or that we finish the series, both in time intervals and in repetitions, too easily, it will be time to increase the intensity of the rubber with which we are working.

How Often?

Although the execution time of the exercises and the weekly frequency will depend on the level we have and our objectives, if we do them 3-4 days a week in 21 days we will have acquired the habit and after a month we will notice a firm ass and a general improvement in the results.

We proposed short routines, of 30-35 minutes, that includes warm-up and stretching, in a few square meters, and simply with the rubber bands.

Home Exercises to Eliminate Accumulated Fat in the Ass and Belly

The abdomen and buttocks are the two areas of the body where, in general, more fat accumulates. The solution is to combine cardio and strength training to lose weight and realize a firm ass.

Do you think cardio burned more fat than strength training? Well, just the opposite happens. “Traditionally it has been believed that aerobic exercise, such as jogging, running, or walking, was the most suitable for losing fat

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This works for a while until the body adapts, we stagnate and this process becomes unsustainable. In contrast, with strength exercises, you continue to burn even at rest. By working the muscles intensely, the basal metabolism rises, which spends the glycogen and fat deposits. 

But that caloric expenditure does not end there; due to the muscular effort used, to recover, the muscles need oxygen, with which you continue working even when you are not exercising it. This is called COPD.


The item you need: a chair.

  • 12 single leg squats
  • 12 bulgarian squats
  • 10 Copenhagen planks
  • 10 single leg glute bridges


Challenge: repeat this circuit as many times as you can!

  • 20″ abdominal planks
  • 20″ knees to elbows
  • 20″ shoulder tap planks
  • 20″ saw planks
  • 20″ planks over elbows
hiit for firm ass


Perform 8 rounds of each circuit (20″ per exercise and 10″ recovery for each of them).

  1. Jump Squats + Push up
  2. swing + deadlift
  3. Isometric squats + jumping jacks
  4. Alternate lunge + skipping

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