First Bank Code For Transfer

Since the computer age, first bank began to support and encourage transfer of money or other transactions from mobile devices/phones, be it Android, windows or iOS.

This has increasingly reduced the rate of stress humans undergo on a daily basis while going about their businesses. Some call it first bank short code while others call it first bank transfer code.

No matter what it’s been called, it’s the same and does the same work. This transfer code works with or without connecting to the internet, as long as you have a debit card or money in your account, the transaction is assured to be successful.


      First Bank code for transfer is *894#. It is an easy, fast, convenient and safe way of carrying out any banking transactions. You can also do transfer irrespective of the network services/line you are using.

Mobile phone has ever been the easiest thing to carry about and closest to human, which means with this code, you can do any transaction anywhere anytime as long as you have your phone with you.

There are days when one has to go to the bank fill a form, cue up for hours, submit and wait for confirmation, just to deposit #1000 to someone’s account. All these protocols and stress are totally gone today because of transfer codes.


First Bank code for transfer has given its customer so many things to benefit from banking with them. That in the history of banking so far, they have been recorded the best and has the highest number of people bank with them.

  1. It reduces the rate of theft, in the sense that you don’t have to carry money or a huge amount of money around, all you need to carry about is your phone. Gone are the days when people carry huge sum of money about, only to lose it before getting to their destinations.
  2. It encourages direct transfer of money using your mobile phone. You can transfer any amount of money to someone else or another bank using your phone.
  3. It makes transfer convenient for all it’s customers. My dear, no need to go to the bank. You can use the time to sit quietly on your couch, sipping a glass of juice having your phone in your hand and making transfer.
  4. It’s a faster means of making transactions. It doesn’t take time especially if the network services is  favourable. It can be done in a twinkle of an eye.
  5. Transfers can be done with or without internet connection.
  6. You can use it to buy airtime for yourself or for another.
  7. It is used in checking of account balance.
  8. It is used in opening of account.
  9. The transfer code enables you to buy data from your bank account or with your debit card, when you run out of data.
  10. You can pay your bills such electricity bill, cable TV bill, school fees, etc.
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Each transactions performed by a first bank account holder has it’s code. All uses *894# but takes a different step. Let’s look at some of them.


* Go to your phone dialler

* Dial 8940# and send

* Follow the command to sign up

* Choose your five (5) digits PIN for making transfer. 

NOTE: You will be asked for this five digits PIN each time you want to make transfer or any other transaction. So input the numbers you can always remember easily even while asleep. You can use your birthday, month and year or your wedding date or any special date in your life that is memorable/unforgettable.


* Go to your phone dialler

* Dial *894# and send

* Some options will be displayed on your phone screen as follows:

> Quick banking

> Opening an account

> Loans

> First monie

> Pay attitude

* Tap on quick banking and send

* A numbered list will display on your phone screen as follows:

1) Transfer money

2) Airtime (self)

3) Airtime (others)

4) Enquiry services

5) Data

6) Pay bills

7) Next page

*  Tap on number 1

* You will be asked to enter the amount you want to transfer. Type in the amount in the empty box shown to you and send

* Enter the account number of the person receiving the money and press send

* Next, list of banks will be displayed on your phone screen. Select the name of the bank of the recipient and send

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* Enter your PIN and send. 

NOTE: These steps are used both for transferring money to another first bank account or any other bank.


* Go to your phone dialler

* Dial *894# and send

* Select “Quick banking” in the options that will be displayed on your phone screen.

* Type in 2 in the empty box below the numbered list displayed on your phone screen. The number 2 is written Airtime(self)

* Enter the amount of airtime you want to transfer to yourself and send.


* Go to your phone dialler

* Dial *894# and send

* Tap on “Quick banking” from the options displayed on your phone screen

* Type in 3 in the empty box below the options displayed on your phone screen. The number 3 is written Airtime(others).

* Enter the amount of airtime you want to transfer to the person

* Enter the person’s phone number and send.

“First Bank Code For Transfer”