Watch & Download Free Movies, Series, Anime & Cartoon – Watch and download free movies, series anime, cartoon, without paying a dime. Sign up for a goojara Account to get the most popular movies online. Watch anime, cartoon, and other new TV series online for free. is now, an entertainment website that offers the most popular TV shows, movies and anime. We’ll discuss how to watch and download movies and anime free of charge on GooJara. You heard it right. Everything is available for free on this site. Movie Site Overview

Goojara, as I mentioned earlier, is an entertainment platform that allows users to download and watch their favorite movies, TV series, and anime. While most platforms charge fees to stream content or offer a subscription, Goojara is different. To stream or use Goojara, you only need a fast and reliable internet connection.

Goojara’s archive/directory is also fantastic, with movies, TV shows, and anime dating back at least 19 years. It uploads TV series content immediately after they air, and movies when they drop. With such fast uploads of movie content, you won’t find many websites.


Each TV series uploaded includes a tag with the season and episodes. Every upload has a sidebar that shows the video quality, such as HDTV 1080p, HDR or DVD. Features


Let’s take a look at the features of this entertainment platform after we have given you an overview.

  1. Search Bar: The search bar is located in the top right corner of the website. This is important because not all anime, movies, or TV shows can be seen on the homepage. It is easy to search for anime, movies, or TV series that you want to stream, download, or watch online. Simply type the title of the content that you are looking for and hit the enter key. The system will display a list of results that are based on what keyword(s) were entered.
  2. Goojara listens and responds to the needs of its users. Requests for anime, TV series, or movie to be uploaded can be made to Goojara. You heard it right. If you have searched their archives and can’t find the content you are looking for, leave a comment asking them to upload it. The content will be uploaded within a certain time.
  3. Picture-In-PictureMode: When streaming contents on Goojara, you can use the treading picture-in-picture mode. This mode allows you stream the content and do other things on your device. This mode allows you to multitask by allowing the stream to take up only a small portion of your screen. This mode is becoming increasingly popular across all apps and websites on the internet.
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How to watch or stream movies & anime on GooJara free


Here’s how to watch TV series, movies and anime for free on GooJara

  • Visit the website portal ( using your web browser It is recommended that you use a web browser such as Google Chrome browser.
  • You can search for the content that you are interested in. Use the search option to find it if you can’t find it on the homepage. Click on the content to go directly to its page.
  • Wait for the video player load. Once it does, you will see a blue icon. Click on this to start streaming.
  • Because most movies last two hours, picture-in-picture mode can be used whenever you need to multitask on your device.

How to download movies & anime on GooJara free


You can also download the movie if you don’t wish to stream it directly on GooJara. Follow these steps to do so.

  • Use a web browser such as Google Chrome to access the web portal web portal web page. Switch to the desktop version of Google Chrome if you are a mobile user.
  • You can search for the movie you want to download. If you don’t find the movie on the homepage, use the search option. Click on the content.
  • Before you can download the movie, you will need to first start streaming. Once the video player loads click the blue play icon. You can pause the video as soon as it starts streaming.
  • You’ll find a blue button in the upper left corner. You can click on it to start the movie downloading to your device.
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You should now have a better understanding of You know it is one of the most popular streaming platforms for movies. Here’s everything you need to know about how to watch and download movies and anime on GooJara.


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