How To Check BVN Date Of Birth/Details

Due to the high rate of insecurity and fraud in the country, the Central Bank of Nigeria decided to carry out a security measure by implementing a biometric identification system popularly known as BVN(bank verification number).  “How To Check BVN Date Of Birth/Details”

   It is an eleven (11) digit numbers issued to everyone who has a bank account irrespective of the bank or how many bank accounts you have, i.e one bank; one BVN, ten banks; one BVN. This is done by computerized fingerprint and photograph to ensure authenticity of ownership.

    One of the good thing about this, is that it’s unique on its own. In the sense that not more than one person can have a BVN, i.e you can’t have the same number with someone else, it is yours and yours alone.

     Again, when the value of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable and this brings us to the next question.



In the year 2014, precisely on the 14th of February when CBN implemented BVN with the help of banks committee in collaboration with all banks in the country, many begin to murmur and argue on the essence of implementing it. Some saw it as an unnecessary protocol but along the line, the importance begins to emerge and these are some of them.“How To Check BVN Date Of Birth/Details”

  1. Reduction of illegal banking transactions
  2. Verification of identity of bank’s customers
  3. Protection of bank accounts
  4. Addressing and Discovery of identity theft
  5. Blockage of unauthorized access to bank accounts
  6. Improvement of financial knowledge
  7. Capturing of customer’s data
  8. Making transactions safer
  9. Checking of account details
  10. Reduction of the rate of fraud
  11. Strengthening of the efficiency of banking activities
  12. Promotion of confidence for future banking
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  These are various steps to take in order to get a BVN.

  1. Go to your bank
  2. Request for BVN enrollment form
  3. Fill and submit
  4. You will be asked to input your ten fingerprints
  5. A facial image of you will be taken by the computer
  6. Your application will be confirmed
  7. You will be asked to wait or come back the next day for collection
  8. A computer print out containing your personal data, facial image, and BVN will be given to you.


Due to the nature of our work, family issues, projects at hand, unpaid bills, we sometimes forget our BVN, because there is too much matters in our head already. In case you have forgotten yours, and no time to go to the bank. It’s nothing to worry your pretty head over, you can simply do it at the comfort of your home, office, shop, or anywhere you are with your mobile phone. These are what to do to achieve this:

  1. Go to your phone call dialler
  2. Type in *565*0#
  3. You will receive a message showing an eleven digit number on your phone which is your BVN. Bear in mind, you don’t need a particular network to do, this is applicable for all network.


    In case you want to check your BVN details including your date of birth or maybe you are not sure if the date of birth you registered is accurate or you want to make corrections. There are two ways to do this

*OFFLINE: this is checking your BVN details by going to the bank.

  1. Go to any branch of your bank with a valid ID card
  2. Meet the customer care
  3. Make a request for checking of BVN details or date of birth
  4. Write down your account number in a paper and submit along with your ID and BVN
  5. A computer printed copy of your BVN details including your date of birth will be given to you
  6. Then if there is an error, it will be corrected.
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NOTE: It is free. The bank doesn’t collect a dime from you for this.


*ONLINE: This is checking of your BVN date of birth or details with your mobile phone. Before we go into it, bear in mind that this is not free like the offline, you must have your payment card with you and be ready to pay.

  1. Go to BVN portal
  2. Click to open it
  3. Enter your BVN
  4. A space will be shown to you requesting your date of birth. Since you are not sure, leave it blank
  5. Click on the search button
  6. You will be asked to pay an amount not greater than N30 for each check using a naira debit card, MasterCard, Visa card or directly from your bank account
  7. Tick good in the box of your choice of payment
  8. Enter the card number, the expiry date and the three digit numbers on the back of your card. If you are payy directly from your bank account, select the bank in the option box
  9. Click on pay
  10. Immediately the payment is successful, your BVN date of birth and details will be displayed
  11. Make some corrections if there is an error.
  12. Copy your BVN date of birth and details in a book or jotter
  13. Save the page for future purposes.

“How To Check BVN Date Of Birth/Details”


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