How To Clear Spotify History On Android

How to view and clear your Spotify listening history on Android

If you have been listening to the radio or a playlist and want to identify a song, it can be helpful to find your Spotify history. You might also want to erase your Spotify music history.

We want to answer that question for you, and show you how to access and use the information about your Spotify listening history.


Many prefer Spotify to be used on their mobile devices rather than the desktop. This is how you can access your Spotify listening history directly from the app.

Step 1 – Open the Spotify app for Android or iPhone.

Step 2 Tap on the Clock icon at the upper right corner (between Notifications & Settings)

Step 3 You now should be able to see all songs that you have played on Spotify. Scroll down to see older songs.

Step 4 – You’ll see that each song has three dots next to it. To access a list of options, tap on the three dots.

Step 5 You have the option to like the song, add it to your Playlist or share the song with others in the history section.

You can also swipe down from your main screen until you see a section called “Recently played”. This will show you the most recent artists, albums, or playlists you have played.

Step 6 – Another way to view your listening history is by tapping on the “Your library” button at the bottom.

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Step 7 – This will open a “Recently played” window. Check your library to see the most recent songs. You can also download songs to your phone.


If you access Spotify mostly through its desktop client, these steps will help you locate your listening history.

Step 1 : Open the Spotify app from your computer.

Step 2 – Click on the Queue button at the lower-right corner in the scrobblebar.

Step 3 – Switch from Queue view, to ‘Recently Played’, to view your listening history. You can view your listening history on a desktop and mobile device separately. Spotify will only show you the songs that you have played on your PC while you are using Spotify.

Step 4 Once you’ve opened up your history, you can tap on the three-dots and select one of the options available including: Save to Liked Songs, Add to Playlist, or Share.

Step 5 Alternatively, scroll down to see the section titled “Recently played”. This will give you a list of all songs that you have played on your device. To expand the view, tap on the See All option.


Unfortunately, you can’t. Spotify uses your listening history to recommend music, create playlists based on your preferences, and make other recommendations. You will need to create a brand new Spotify account if you want to begin from scratch in creating your musical persona.


Spotify does not display your listening history by default. It is possible to show your “Recently played artist” on your profile, so that others can view the list. You can follow the below tutorial to do this on your mobile device.

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Step 1 – In the Spotify app press the gear icon at the upper right corner (Settings).

Step 2 Scroll down until the Social section is visible and toggle the ‘Recently listened to artists’ option. You will also be able to enable the ‘Listening Activity’ feature, which allows you to share what you are listening with your Spotify followers.

Step 3. On desktop, tap the downward arrow near your username in upper-right corner.

Step 4 Select Settings from the dropdown menu that opens.

Step 5 Scroll down to the Social section, and enable the “Recently played artist” option.


Spotify’s music history makes it easy to recall songs that you used to listen too, but may have lost. You can easily check your Spotify listening history to find the songs you were listening to a while back, and then relive those memories. This article will explain everything you need to create Playlists on Spotify. 

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