How To Clone A Phone Number Without Sim Card

Are you in search of a way or means on how to clone a phone number without sim card or maybe traveling a long distance and feel like keeping that expensive phone behind?

Are you inquisitive or curious about finding what your friend or partner is hiding from you or his or her whereabouts and needed to clone his or her phone to monitor their movements and actions?

Or needed to copy someone’s data to your phone, or from your phone to another phone of yours. Though phone cloning isn’t easy and simple to do but it can be done when you follow the right procedures.

So, you don’t have to worry your pretty head. We are going to tell you all you need to do to clone any phone you want to, at any time. Just make sure you read this article carefully and attentively to the end in order to grab all the informations needed to do the cloning.



Yes, it is possible to clone a phone number without sim card. It’s hard to find anything impossible to do when it comes to this present world of technology.

You or anyone else reading this article can clone your phone or any other phone you want to clone. It might not be easy but it’s never mission impossible.

Nevertheless, there are third party softwares which can help you achieve that faster than expected; some sites like Cloneit app or phone cloner app, and you can also do it by yourself without a second person’s helping hands. 



Before you think of cloning any cell phone or before you begin to clone any phone number without sim card, make sure you have the two phones with you at hand; the one  you are cloning and the other.

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Then always ensure you have an internet connection bby switching on your WiFi or data. And most importantly for a better result; the two phones you are  using should be the same model or make.

If it’s the data in a phone you want to clone, please also make sure you do a back up for it, because sometimes during the cloning process; one may possibly lose his or her phone data if there is no back up.

Now, let’s look at the step by step instructions in cloning a phone number without sim card.

  • Go to the security settings in your phone (usually found in the phone infrastructure).
  • Search for your phone’s electronic serial number (usually found at the back of your battery).
  • Open the security menu you found under the security settings.
  • Enter the electronic serial number of your old phone into the new one.
  • Change the phone number on your new phone to match the one on the old with the phone number change code linked to the model of your phone. You can get this code by visiting or any hack site. Congrats! You have successfully cloned your phone number without a sim card.



  • Log in to
  • Look for the model of your phone and menu key.
  • Hack code will be displayed, write it down.
  • Connect to internet by tapping on WiFi or data on your phone to turn it on if it’s off.
  • Type in your secret key on the phone with service.
  • A menu which displays your electronic serial number will appear.
  • Write the electronics serial number down and press end to exit.
  • Turn on your phone WiFi or data to enable internet connection.
  • Type in your secret key on the phone without service to get the secret menu which displays a different electronic serial number from the phone with service.
  • Write it down and replace it with the electronic serial number you got from the phone with service. Make sure you save or write down the electronic serial number of the clone somewhere in case of reverse.
  • Change the number in the clone to match the number in the main phone. Well done! You just had two fully functioning phones.
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The easiest way of finding out if you have successfully cloned your phone number without sim card is 

1) Place the two phones (the cloned one and the one you cloned from) in front of you

2) Bring a third-party phone 

3) Dial your number using the third-party phone

4) The two of your phones will automatically ring at the same time (i.e both the one you cloned and the one you cloned from).

If it’s someone’s phone that you cloned, each time the person’s phone rings, the cloned one you are holding rings as well and when he or she answers his or her call, you will answer along with the person or end up listening to all their phone call conversations.