How To Control Video Playback Settings Iphone

Video Playback Settings Iphone

A lot of buttons and sliders on the screen won’t bother you if you’re listening music. The action is in the ears and not on the screen.

When you’re watching video, everything on your screen is distracting. Apple therefore hides the video playback control. Tap the screen to bring them up, then tap again to make them disappear.

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Here’s what they do.

  • Complete. Tap the blue button at the top-left to stop playback or return to the master video list.
  • Scroll slider. This progress indication (top of screen) looks exactly like the one when you are playing music. You can see the remaining time and the elapsed times. There is also a little handle in white that you can drag forward or back to change the direction of the video.
  • Zoom/Unzoom. The button is located in the top-right corner. You can tap it to adjust zoom, as explained on the facing webpage.
  • Play/Pause (/). These buttons, along with the earbud clicker, do the exact same thing to video and music: they alternate between pausing and playing.
  • Previous, Next (. ). Hold your finger down to fast-forward or rewind the video. The faster you hold your finger down, the more rapid the zipping. (When you fast forward, you can even hear the speded-up audio for the first few seconds.It may surprise you to learn that movies purchased from iTunes Music Store come with chapter markers just like DVDs. You can break it up into scenes. To quickly navigate long movies, tap the  and  buttons.
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You can skip to the next chapter if the earbuds are worn.

  • Volume. Drag the round, white handle on the scroll bar (bottom) to adjust volume. Or use the volume keys located on the left side.

The iPhone will ask if you wish to keep or delete a video when you get to the end. The thoughtful gesture is appropriate considering the fact that videos consume a lot of memory on the iPhone. (Deleting it off the iPhone does not delete it from your computer.


  1. It’s not enough to play a video to its end. To delete a video, swipe your finger across its name in the Other Videos List. Tap Delete to confirm.

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