How To Find Your Air Pods If They Are Offline

Air pods are wireless bluetooth audio earbuds made to work with iphone, iPad, smartphones, tablets or any accepted bluetooth devices.

They are designed for the left and right ear, indicating with letter “L” for the left ear and letter “R” for the right ear on the body of each air pod.

They are used to accept or end phone calls without touching your phone. What do one stand to gain by using air pods instead of the normal wire earpiece that is cheap and easily affordable? Let’s answer this question by looking at the advantages of air pods below.



These are some of the advantages or benefits of using air pods


  1. They are wireless earbuds
  2. They have a separate connection
  3. They pair with your phone through bluetooth
  4. It can be used while charging your phone
  5. One can move freely with it; without dragging wires around
  6. When fully charged,it offers a whole day listening time
  7. It offers longer talk time for about three to four hours 
  8. The air pods are not controlled by power
  9. They pause audio or music immediately they are removed from the ear
  10. They are easy to use
  11. They are not heavy to lift or carry about
  12. They are dependable
  13. They can be connected to any bluetooth device
  14. They help you read your messages
  15. It can inform you on the caller’s identity
  16. It takes your call automatically when you put them in your ear
  17. It helps in sharing audios with friends and family
  18. You can use one bud at a time
  19. It works with any device that supports bluetooth headphones
  20. It helps in silencing noise in the background, thereby enabling you hear clearly what the caller or the called is saying.

How To Find Your Air Pods If They Are Offline


Air pods has many features and how they work or what they do. Let’s look at some of them.

  1. They have accelerometer, which is used to sense gestures
  2. They have optical sensors which are used to determine if they are still inserted in your ear or not
  3. They have microphones which are used for phone calls. This means you can be driving with both hands on the steering and still answer your calls comfortably
  4. They have a charging case which has an integrated battery used in extending the battery life of the air pods when you are not close to an electrical outlet
  5. It has a passive noise isolating tool which is used to wave the noise of a passing vehicles, tricycles or motorcycles.
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Due to their small size or their wireless nature, they are easily misplaced or lost. It’s difficult to find them when they are offline than when they are online, that you can easily locate or find them using a sound.

They are said to be offline, when the availability dots are grey in colour and online when the availability dots are green in colour. Each air pods with a charging case worths $159, while the wireless costs $199.

So losing or misplacing an air pod is not an easy nut to crack, especially if it’s offline. It’s losing a lot of money which is not easy to come by. Below are ways or means to find them and save yourself unforseen expenses.



Using the find my App helps to locate or find the offline air pods.

* Open the ‘Find My App’

* On the list of connected devices, tap on the air pods

* The availability dots will be grey, if the air pods are offline

* View the last known position of the air pods on the Map

* Tap on the car icon to move to the current position.

           “How To Find Your Air Pods If They Are Offline”


You can find your air pods with Mac using “Find My App”

* Open the “Find My App” on your Mac

* View all devices linked to your iCloud account

* Tap on the air pods you are looking for

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* View the current position of the air pods.



This will help you in finding your missing air pods.

* Open any browser on your computer

* Type in “” and search

* Sign in with your registered Apple ID and password

* Enter a verification code that is sent to your iPhone

* Search and click on “Find iPhone” in the iCloud menu

* Login and a map will displayed

* On the top of the page, click “All Devices”

* Select your air pods.

     How To Find Your Air Pods If They Are Offline


“Find My Air pods” is a tracker made for Apple users in order to track and recover their Apple devices such as air pods; if they can’t find them. This shows you where the air pods were and the last time it was charged.


Use the separation alerts to find your air pods. It’s a new feature added to air pods to notify you when you leave it behind.

* Open the “Find My App” in your phone

* Click on “Device”

* Select the air pods to the account

* Click on notifications and select notify when left behind

* Enable it.


It is better to take certain measures to keep air pods safe than being careless with it and look for it later. These are what to do to keep my air pods from missing

  1. Buy a casing for it
  2. Make sure it’s fully charged. Keeping your air pods charged makes it easier to locate when you can’t find them
  3. Get a long piece of cord or a thick string
  4. Make sure your air pods are connected with the same iCloud account you have on your device
  5. Always keep your separation alert on for notification.

“How To Find Your Air Pods If They Are Offline”