How To Fix icloud Backup Failed With Enough Storage

iCloud backups are mostly used by iphone users to save important information, photos, videos, messages or data in their phone to avoid losing it when their iphone is damaged, stolen, or maybe they are selling the old one or buying a new one. “How To Fix icloud Backup Failed With Enough Storage”

It is advisable to always back up your video, photos, data, etc no matter the kind of phone you are making use of, because it’s much better to be on a safer side. You can as well set up the backup automatically, so you don’t have to do that by yourself always.

iPhone or ipad users rely on this for their data security or safety, but sometimes you get to see messages like “iCloud backup failed”, making it difficult to backup up your data, and it’s highly frustrating when you know you have enough storage but couldn’t process the backup.




Now, before we go into fixing this frustrating problem at hand, let’s look at some of the reasons why this “iCloud backup failed” or not completed sometimes appear on your phone, because there is never a smoke without fire.

Having knowledge of the cause of a problem, makes it easier to  solve.

1) TAMPERED iCLOUD: First, it could be that someone else has tampered with your iCloud backup settings by making unauthorized changes in it, either mistakenly or intentionally. This can cause your iCloud backup not to be completed or fail when you want to back up some data, messages, photos or video. 

2) NETWORK RESTRAIN WITHIN BOUND: Secondly, an error messages “iCloud backup failed” may sometimes appear on your phone when trying to backup your data as a result of network restrain within the boundary of your office or working place.

If the system or technology subdivision has set the network in areas around your office that restrain or hinder iCloud backup not to be available, it can cause your icloud backup not to be completed or fail even when you have enough storage.

3) UNLOCKED SCREEN: Thirdly, icloud backup failure could be as a result of not locking your phone screen.

As a matter of fact, your phone screen must be locked if you want your icloud backup to start automatically and end successfully without messages like “icloud backup not completed” “icloud backup failed.

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Before that, make sure your phone is set in an auto lock by simply going to your phone settings, you will see display & brightness down the line, tap on it, then tap on auto lock, setting it to lock by itself in thirty seconds or five minutes time depending on the time you want it to lock.

It must be set within a short length of time. To ensure automatic icloud backup procession, you can as well lock it before charging it.

4) INACTIVE POWER SOURCE: The power source you connected your iphone to can cause icloud backup not to be successful or fail when it’s inactive. Always make sure that the power source in which your iphone is connected to is working fine to enable the iCloud backup process to be completed without hindrances. 

You can ensure this by checking the charging indicator on your phone to see if it’s on, the cable used in charging the phone and the electrical device in which it’s connected to.

5) UNAVAILABILITY OF iCLOUD BACKUP SYSTEM: Getting a message like “icloud backup failed” during icloud backup process can be as a result of Apple’s icloud backup system not been available at the moment. If that’s the case, just exercise some patience and try again later. As soon as it’s available, it will progress.



Now we have known the reasons behind this message “icloud backup failed” that appears sometimes on our iphone whenever we want to backup our data, photos, videos or text messages. Let’s look at how to fix it below.

1) RESETTING REMEDY: This is a process of resetting your iPhone settings and these are the steps to achieve this

  • Go to settings app and open it
  • Tap on “General”
  • You will see options, go down to “Reset” and tap on it
  • Tap on “Reset All settings” and immediately, your iphone settings is reset.

2) SIGNING OUT AND IN REMEDY: This is another solution in restoring your icloud backup to function. It may take some time to sign out and in again on your iCloud but it’s worth it. How to achieve this

  • Go to settings app and open it
  • At the top, tap on your profile
  • Go down to the bottom and tap on “Sign out”
  • Input your Apple ID and password in the space provided
  • Tap on “Turn off” not focusing on any other message, simply go straight to “Sign out” and tap on it
  • Tap on “Sign Out” for the second time, when a message pops up
  • Tap “Sign in to my iPhone” in the blank profile shown to you at the top
  • Input your Apple ID and password
  • Tap on “Next” to proceed and then type in your iPhone passcode
  • You will be asked if you want to merge data, tap on “Merge”
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3) ON THE ICLOUD REMEDY: If someone mistakenly changed your iCloud storage settings which affected the process of your iCloud backup. This is how to fix it

  • Go to “Settings App” and open it
  • Tap your profile which is at the top
  • Go down the page and tap on “iCloud”
  • Search for “iCloud Backup” and see if it’s off. If it’s off, just tap on it to on it
  • You will see “iCloud Backup Toggle” and click on it
  • Then, finally tap on “Backup Now”



Are you in a situation whereby you are backing up your data using icloud backup but it seems to take ages to process, taking too much time than usual? We are going to look at just two reasons why there is a delay in the icloud backup.

HUGE SUM OF DATA: This is a situation in which the data you want to back up is huge or there is so much to back up. So having a large amount of data to backup in the process can slow down the icloud backup.

SLOW WI-FI CONNECTION: This is a case whereby the Wi-Fi in which you connected your phone to is slow. This can equally cause the delay in icloud backup, backing up your data. Thereby slowing down the backing up process and making it longer than expected.

“How To Fix icloud Backup Failed With Enough Storage”