How To Get Fake Number For Verification

Due to the rate of fraud and scammers, people began to look for a way to protect their privacy, account or business from the wrong hands.

Several accounts has been hasked as a result of signing in to an unknown App with their original or private number, because in some cases, Apps or some web services requires your phone number when signing in.

In a situation where by you are not sure of the App’s credibility, uncomfortable in giving your phone number to big cooperation, doubt the authenticity of a web service, or want to test a service but reluctant to give out your personal information, it’s best to give them your fake phone number.

Fake numbers which are also known as temporal phone numbers are virtual numbers which are purchased from various apps mainly for receiving sms, online registration, on voice calls, sending messages and making calls. Just as the name implies, it is temporal and can be disposed at any given time.


Also bear in mind that this fake phone number is a public phone number, the site you collected it from can see all your messages, so be careful of what you send. Austria has one fake phone number, Canada has five, USA has ten, UK has six, Poland has one, Australia has one and so on.

“How To Get Fake Number For Verification”


There are so many reasons why you need a fake phone number and these are some of them

  1. Bypassing sms verification

Fake phone numbers help you bypass sms verification on social media platforms like

* Facebook

* Instagram

* Twitter

* Whatsapp

* Telegram

* LinkedIn

* Uber

* Viber

* eBay

* VK, etc.

  1. Verifying web services

You can use a fake phone number to verify your favourite web services from several countries like USA, Germany, Europe, UK, USA, etc.

  1. Verification of SMS

You can use a fake phone number to send or receive sms anonymously and also verify sms from different forms on social media platforms such as cloud sigma, Yahoo, server loft, etc. The messages are often available within seconds of delivery and deleted after twenty-four hours.

  1. Verification of account
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Fake phone numbers are used to verify and activate your accounts on almost all the website. It can also be used to register account on website that do not support your country’s policy. In this case, you are not forced to provide your private information on any social website.

  1. Phone verification

Fake phone numbers are used for phone verification for Google or any services when trying to sign up.

  1. You can use fake phone numbers to receive messages all over the world, even if the sms is from a different country from where you are.
  2. Having a fake number helps you keep your personal information private while getting access to online sms activated web services.
  3. It is used to set up numbers without the knowledge of a phone company.
  4. It can be used to contact people who are in search of a job.
  5. It can be used on public website to issue contact info.
  6. You can use a fake phone number to dismiss a troublesome person out of your life.
  7. It is used for temporal text messages and calls.

How To Get Fake Number For Verification


Fake phone numbers are gotten from several online forwarding services and application. These are some of the ways to get an active fake phone number.

  1. Go to Walmart or Target and buy a burner phone and number which can serve all purposes.
  2. Go to Google, type “fake phone numbers” and it will be shown to you. Please note that you can’t make calls nor send messages with this, but you can use it whenever you are asked to put in your phone number in any web services.
  3. Use of fake phone numbers App: we have numerous fake phone number Apps online that is available for use with it’s benefit. Fake phone numbers Apps are cheaper than burner phones and work mostly on almost all the phone verification systems. 
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     Now, let’s look at the fake phone numbers App.

   “How To Get Fake Number For Verification”


People are so scared of having their personal or private informations leaked or falling a victim of fraud/scam, thereby finding it difficult to share their personal information with others who ask for it. Some apps has been provided in helping you keep your privacy intact. These apps makes it quicker for you to get an effective and reliable fake phone numbers and also reduce cost. Some of these fake phone number Apps are

  1. a) DO NOT PAY

This app provides one with the quickest and most effective phone number generator that can work for verification process on any app. It also offers it’s users multiple fake numbers within the space of one month. Steps in getting the number:

* Go to your web browser

* Open “DoNotPay”

* Move to the burner phone section

* Type in the name of the service that asked for your phone verification

* Tap create a temporal phone number

* Use the number to create a confirmation code or text.


This is a fake phone number app that offers public phone numbers which can be used to receive sms online from different forms and platforms. Steps in getting the number

* Go to a web browser

* Type in “Receive” and open

* A list of free fake phone numbers will be displayed

* Click a country of your choice in the list

* Select a free fake phone number

* Click “Read received sms”.

“How To Get Fake Number For Verification”


  2. WeChat
  3. GV
  4. Odnoklassniki
  5. QIWI Wallet
  6. Facebook
  7. Telegram
  8. Twitter
  9. eBay
  10. Mcent
  11. Vichatter
  12. Local bitcoins
  13. PayPal
  14. Baidu
  15. Gumtree
  16. YouTube
  17. Yahoo
  18. Easyusenet
  19. Microsoft
  20. Voxo.