How To Hack Fake Calculator App

Fake calculator app looks exactly like the original calculator in an iPhone and perform the same thing real calculators does. One can hardly differentiate between the real and the fake by just mere looking at it. “How To Hack Fake Calculator App”

It has addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sign in front of the app, but in typing in a four digits number with two periods (i.e the passcode) or create a pattern by using his or her fingers and it automatically unveils a second function of the calculator.

This was officially recognized in the year 2016. It is mostly used to conceal photos, messages, videos, documents, secret and delicate files but sometimes does more damage to your phone than good when installed from an unknown and untested source.

This fake calculator app is used to conceal informations by means of a code to keep them protected from penetrators and scammers.


It can also be used to hide your personal data or information from others around you, family and friends, who you do not want to see or know it using your desired passcode.

Some children use it to hide some phonographs, blue films, sexual text messages, browsing history, informations from bad companies or any of their activities online from their parents, to prevent them from having access to or knowledge of all these and still keep them in the dark; thinking they are still as innocent as a baby.

The truth is that some of these fake calculator app can be harmful, so we advice that before you install any fake calculator app in your phone for whatsoever reason, you should make sure you know the source and test before use, because some of them ended up destroying that which you want to preserve.

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Back then it was difficult to open a fake calculator once you forgot the passcode or for someone else to do so since he or she doesn’t know your passcode, but nowadays, it’s easier to hack into a fake calculator app in someone’s phone to discover that which the person or your child has been hiding from you.

Those secreted files, documents, data, photos and videos, you can now view them, having free access to them with ease even without knowing the person’s passcode. Let’s lead you to the right steps as you follow the lead.


There are four successful steps below which can help anyone in hacking a fake calculator app. So if one didn’t work on the device you want to hack the fake calculator app on, you can try the other.

1) Get the person’s phone

   * Go to phone settings

   * Go to the file manager

   * Search and select the calculator vault app

   * Tap to open and wipe

   * Go to menu and open the calculator vault app again. This time, you will be able to see all the concealed files, documents, texts, informations, photos and videos.

2) Get the person’s phone

   * Start up the fake calculator app in the phone

   * Type in 11223344 in the space provided

   * Then finally click on the equal sign (=)

3) Resetting the person’s password to your desired password, gives you free access over those hidden informations in the app.

   * Go to the menu icon on the calculator screen

   * Click on settings

   * Tap on Vault

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   * Click on “Reset Password” on the vault screen. 

NOTE: This method takes a measurement and record of your physical characteristics for use in subsequent personal identification.

4) One can also hack fake calculator app by simply recovering the person’s lost passcode with the techniques the app offers for its users who has lost or forgotten their passcode to retrieve it.


Fake calculator app is hardly known by mere looking at it; because it looks very similar to the real or original calculator. And this has deceived many into believing that the calculator app  they saw or see it’s real while it’s the fake calculator used in hiding of confidential data.

How do you know if the calculator app you see is fake or real? Here is how you can be able to identify it.

* Go to phone settings or any device settings in which the calculator app is in

* Go to the app manager

* Check the memory size of the calculator

* If the calculator memory size is up to or larger than 30MB, then it’s a fake calculator app. The large size of the memory shows that there are other hidden informations, videos, photos and documents in it.


There are two major reasons why people install a fake calculator app in their phone or mobile devices.

> FOR PRIVACY: This is for the purpose of keeping important details like bank details safe, or any confidential documents which are of high necessity.

> FOR IMMORALITY: This is for the purpose of hiding dirty secret lives and doings like sexual text messages, nude or naked pictures and sex videos.