How To Remove Recently Played On Spotify Desktop

In just 4 steps, clear your Spotify ‘Recently played’ playlist and keep your listening habits secret

  • To avoid clutter on Spotify, you can delete your “Recently listened to” playlist. This is especially useful if you don’t intend to relisten to a particular song or podcast episode.
  • Clearing your recent music playlist can only be done using the desktop app. The feature is not available in the Spotify mobile application.

How To Remove Recently Played On Spotify DesktopSpotify, like most websites and apps keeps track of your activities while you use the platform and compiles your most recent tracks into one section.

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You might have to delete your most recently played playlist if you don’t want anyone else to see your music or use your account. Or maybe you just want to reorganize Spotify.

You can only clear your recently used playlist on the Spotify desktop version. This is because the feature was removed recently. Even if you delete your recently played list on your computer, it will not be removed from your Android or iPhone devices.


This is how to delete your Spotify playlists using your computer.

How To Remove Recently Played On Spotify Desktop

1. Start Spotify on your Mac or PC.

2. Click on the “Recently Played” tab to the left of your screen.

3. You can search through your recent content and locate the song, album or playlist you want to delete in the “Recently listened” section. Click the “…” icon or hover your cursor above the cover.

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4. Click “Remove From Recently Played”


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