How to spot fake calculator app ( Best Method ) 2022

Some calculator apps can really be fake and difficult to dictate. If you have no idea how to spot fake calculator app (best method) in 2021, then read on to know-how. 

How to spot fake calculator app 2021
How to spot fake calculator app 2021

This post details the best method to spot fake calculator apps. Like we already mentioned, it may be difficult to dictate, but not impossible, and you’ll get to know how to easily spot a fake calculator app within two minutes or less.

A fake calculator app is quite risky and does more harm than good to your smartphone. This includes causing harm to your device, stealing your personal information as well as confidential and sensitive files stored in the calculator app. Therefore, calculator app users need to be mindful of the calculator app they intend to install to hide any of their data.

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So. here’s how to spot a fake calculator App to avoid losing your confidential and sensitive information.

How Can You Tell A Fake iPhone Calculator App?

A fake iPhone calculator app is designed to be difficult to spot. The app icons look exactly like an iPhone calculator, and function as a calculator when they’re opened. Input the secret code and a photo vault will be revealed. Pictures taken inside the app remain in the app and don’t appear in the default iPhone’s camera roll.

Therefore, spotting a fake calculator app can be tricky and not 100% guaranteed. Because the fake app is designed to look exactly like the original app. 

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Calculator App to hide text messages on iPhone

We highly recommend the NS vault app as the best calculator app to hide text messages on iPhone.

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How To Spot Fake Calculator App ( Best Method )

Techpanda made some thorough research and tested/used a couple of calculator apps to discover how to spot fake calculator app on iPhone, android iOS. This is what we found out.

The easiest method is by checking the app memory size.  Below is the process to do this;

  • Go to your Phone Settings App.
  • Navigate the App Manager.
  • Check the Calculator App Memory Size.
  • If the size is more than 30MB, it’s quite large. That means it may already have data hence it’s a fake calculator app.

How To Hack Fake Calculator App

Recently, people have been seriously looking for information on how to hack fake calculator app. Actually, it’s not possible to hack a calculator app. Follow the steps we listed above to spot and delete the app from your phone. Or rather browse and read our posts on the best and recommended calculator app.

The general function of the calculator vault app is to hide your documents, pictures, videos, apps, and much from the eyes of invaders and attackers. In a situation whereby you forget the app password, there’s an effortless technique of retrieving it. It’s also one minor way to hack any calculator vault app and access all files in it.

  • Enter the fake calculator app.
  • Now input 11223344 and then press equal.
  • That’s all; the fake calculator will open.
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Note: 11223344 doesn’t always work in advanced calculator vault-apps. However, if the above method didn’t work, try out the one below.

  • First of all, go to settings.
  • Go to the app manager and find the calculator vault-app.
  • Open the app and clear the data.

When you complete the above steps, go back to the menu and open the calculator vault app. It will look like a newly installed app and in most cases, you’ll be able to view all the hidden files on the app.


The guide will be very helpful for anyone who needs to know how to spot fake calculator app. You’ll be able to know how to tell if an iPhone calculator app is fake, the best method to spot a fake calculator app, and how to hack a fake calculator app.

If you have further questions or concerns on how to spot fake calculator app, drop a comment below. 

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