How To Unsend An Email In Outlook

Have you ever sent an email to someone but wish to unsend it, either because you sent the right email to the wrong person or you sent the wrong email to the right person, or there was an error in the email or maybe you forgot to add some vital information to an email before sending it? “How To Unsend An Email In Outlook”

Outlook has a recall feature which helps you unsend, take back, remove, recall, make corrections or reconstruct and resend a sent email before the person who you sent it to (supposed recipient) gets to see it or reads it.

This can only be done when the person you sent the email uses Microsoft Outlook on an exchange server. Now let’s look at how you can be able to unsend that email you wish you never sent using Outlook.

How To Unsend An Email In Outlook

  • Start Microsoft Outlook
  • Move to mail view by clicking on “Mail” in the left navigation pane
  • Click on the folder written “Sent Items” in your inbox
  • Move to the email you want to withdraw and double click on it to open it
  • Go to the Move group and click on the “Actions” button
  • Select “Recall this message” from the list to open the recall this message conversation box
  • Click on the “delete unread copies of this message”
  • Select “Tell me if recalls succeeds”
  • Then finally, click ok.

NOTE: This is possible only when the supposed recipient haven’t read the message sent to his or her email. Once he or she has seen it and read it, you can’t recall it no matter how you try.


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Your own case is it a situation of omitting some vital information in an email, you can equally replace the former email with the corrected one or compose a new one.

How to achieve this:

  • Start Microsoft Outlook
  • In the navigation pane, select the “Sent Items” folder
  • Open the message you want to withdraw by double clicking on it
  • Choose the message tab of the email
  • In the Move group, click on the “Actions” arrow
  • Click on “Recall this message”
  • Select “Delete unread copies and replace with a new message”
  • Click on the check box “Tell me if recalls succeeds or fails for each recipient”
  • Do the corrections you want or type in those omitted informations that made you want to recall the email you sent or better still, write a new one
  • Then finally click “Send”



In order to avoid sending an email and then going through stress to recall or correct and resend it when an error is discovered, it is better to delay the delivery time of your email. With this, you can have the time to cross check it, correct, and allows it to resend or deletes and withdraw it before it’s been sent.

This can save you a whole lot of stress and time. It enables you to control or be in full charge of your sent email.  The duration can be thirty minutes, sixty minutes, and so on, depending on how long you want it to take before sending.

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Let’s look at the following steps to take in order to delay your email delivery time.

  • Start Outlook and select “File”
  • Search for “Manage rules and Alert” and click on it
  • Select “New Rule” from the options displayed by the rules and alert window on your screen
  • Click on “Apply rule on messages I send” and press next
  • Click on yes to confirm you want to apply rules to the messages you send
  • Type in the duration or time you want (i.e how long you want the messages you send to delay before it’s been sent)
  • Click ‘Ok’ and then click ‘Next’ to proceed to the next step
  • Name the rule you created
  • Then make sure that the “Turn On This Rule Check Box” is available
  • Then lastly click on the “Finish” button to get it done.



There are several benefits one stand to enjoy for using Outlook, apart from the above mentioned advantages. Here are some of them

  1. It uses commands in the keyboard to carry out some work
  2. It helps in organizing of messages as well as accessing them
  3. It helps you to manage your contacts by grouping them according to their types
  4. It is used mostly in offices or working place to organize email into groups based on employees and employers
  5. It allows you to view, edit, read and send emails.