5 Awesome Strategies On the Use of Bronzing Powder to Achieve a Radiant Glow

Bronzing Powder recreates tanned skin naturally, works as a base for eyelids and blush, camouflage imperfections, highlights the neckline, and is the best allies of good contouring. 

Yes, the bronzing powder is an essential all-rounder in my vacation bag, as a tool to enhance my beauty.

Bronzing powders: The use of bronzing powder is more rampant during the summer, although in reality, it has a multitude of users who use them regularly throughout the year. They have so many uses and are an essential wildcard in the toiletry bag of every ‘beauty-conscious person.  

With bronzing powders, we can achieve a total tan, perfect contouring, or the effect of the sun on the skin. Furthermore, they are great allies of oily skin because they keep the shine from the oil under control.


The Right Tools to Apply Bronzing Powder 

To get the most out of bronzing powder, you have to apply them with the right tool. The ideal ones are those of natural fibers, and the upper part should always be straight (never pointed). The round, wide and straight ones are the best since they cover the product throughout the brush.

brush to use with bronzing powder

How to Achieve a Tailored Tan

  • Natural: For a light result, use the brush to make wide movements all over the face, from the inside out. Then, hit the areas where the sun is more intense, such as the upper part of the forehead, chin and nose.
  • Glow: Apply a moisturizer and spread the powder on the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin and neck with a good brush, removing excess product. To apply the illuminator on the face, start at the top of the cheekbone, skirt the end of the eyebrows giving a little highlight to the bone and, for a more sophisticated finish, make a slight impression on the cupid’s bow and the septum of the nose.
  • Cool: After applying the bronzing powder “I love adding a touch of blush on top of the cheekbones, at the temples and in the eye socket. By superimposing the blush on top of the powder, we obtain a double color effect that enhances the facial features; the result is fresh and very natural.
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What Shade of Bronzing Powder to Choose

The tone of your powders must respond to how your natural tan is. People with cool tones tend to have a reddish tan; neutrals have a reddish to golden phase, while warm skin tones go from gold to orange. The tone of the powders should not be much darker than your skin since the result will be unnatural and will end up dulling the face.

Additional Uses of the Powder

In addition to using it as a contour, bronzer on the whole face, or for blush, we can give it other important uses. Take note:

  • Eyeshadow. Apply it to give the basin depth and get some light in the look.
  • On the collarbone, neckline and shoulders.  Spread it on with a blush brush and show off your luminous and spectacular bronze.
  • Cheeks and cheekbones. As a blush, I like to give it more power by first applying a pink lip balm or tint. The effect is very juicy. 
bronzer for deep skin
bronzing powder for pale skin

Liquid Bronzer

liquid bronzer is the trickiest of the bronzers. It can also look the most realistic when done right. If you’re going for a makeup-free look, use a liquid bronzer on your bare skin or mix a few drops in with your face lotion for a DIY tinted moisturizer. 

You can also add a few drops to your foundation for a little boost of bronze, or even layer it over the top of your makeup with your duo-fiber stippling brush and buff it out. Pretty much as long as you don’t use too much of the bronzer, you can’t go wrong.

Best Bronzers For A Totally Believable Sun-Kissed Glow – According to

  • Vieve Modern Bronzer
  • Iconic London Sheer Bronze
  • Forever Natural Bronze
  • NARS Sunkissed Bronzing Cream 
  • Marc Jacobs O!Mega Perfect Tan Bronzer
  • Tower 28 Bronzino
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Bronzer
  • Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer
  • Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder 
  • Guerlain Terracotta Original Bronzer 
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