Top 5 ways to make money online as a graphic designer in Nigeria

graphic designer in Nigeria.jpg

Being a graphic designer in Nigeria is an awesome skill, believe that. A graphic designer is a person who is skilled in designing graphics by combining text and pictures with special computer software. READ ALSO: How to Update GPU Drivers on Windows 10 You can have expertise in creating modern logos, brochures, websites, business cards, 3D … Read more

How to Know If You are blocked on Telegram (Best Method) 2022

How to know if you are blocked on Telegram

‘’How do I know if someone blocked me on telegram?’’ is a common question most telegram users ask. If you have no idea, here’s how to know if you are blocked on Telegram. Telegram is a popular instant messaging app and it allows users to block other people from contacting them again. When you block … Read more

How to spot fake calculator app ( Best Method ) 2022

How to spot fake calculator app 2021

Some calculator apps can really be fake and difficult to dictate. If you have no idea how to spot fake calculator app (best method) in 2021, then read on to know-how.  This post details the best method to spot fake calculator apps. Like we already mentioned, it may be difficult to dictate, but not impossible, … Read more

10 Best Cheap Tablets for PUBG Mobile in 2022

10 Best Cheap Tablets for PUBG Mobile in 2021

Best Cheap tablets for PUBG Mobile: PUBG is a mobile competitive game that has taken over the mobile gaming industry by storm. It currently has 1 billion downloads worldwide and gamers just can’t get enough of it.  From playing on smartphones,  screen size became a concern and gamers started exploring tablets for PUBG Mobile. This … Read more

How to Recover Deleted Telegram Messages 2022

How to recover deleted Telegram messages

Recover Deleted Telegram Messages: Telegram users are usually concerned when they delete telegram messages from their phone accidentally. If those conversations were important, you can still recover them. There are easy and effective methods available to recover deleted messages on telegram quickly. However, it is possible to delete telegram messages from both ends, and both … Read more