Isaac Wright Jr Net Worth

Issac Jr. is a well-known lawyer and businessman. After the success of For Life, a drama series on ABC that was based on his personal life, Wright Jr. became well-known.


Who is Issac Jr.?

Issac Jr. is one of America’s most prominent entrepreneurs and lawyers. He is also active in politics. Wright is a New York City Mayoral candidate and represents the Democratic party. After being arrested on false charges of illegal drug business, Wright was in the news. In 1991, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was able to escape with the legal evidence that he had sold illegal substances in the country.

He became a star overnight, and gained the support of many. Wright Jr. became an inspiration for hundreds. The legal drama series For Life is based on Wright Jr.’s life. In 2020, it was broadcast on American Broadcasting Company. The show’s Executive Producer was the attorney. It was so popular that the show was nominated in 2020 for the Black Reel Award for Television Outstanding Drama Series. Wright Jr. also owned the record label X-Press Records. Wright Jr. also co-founded The Cover GirlsCareer, a pop girl group.


What is the occupation of Issac Jr.

American lawyer Issac Jr. is well-known. He became well-known among the American public after establishing his legal career in the USA. He was also the owner of X-Press Records. The businessman also co-founded The Cover Girls, a girl’s music group. He has appeared in several episodes of Star Search. His 1989 arrest marked the end of Wright Jr.’s professional career. Wright Jr. was accused of long-term drug sales. He was sentenced for life. Wright was convicted for being a drug lord and having been involved in illegal activities for a longer period.

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In 1997, he asked for the reopening. The jury was presented with legal evidence that the case was framed to defame the person. The lawyer was able to ignore all evidence and was freed from false accusations. Wright Jr. was the inspiration for 2020 ABC series For Life. Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cents, co-produced the show. Wright Jr. joined the democratic party afterward and decided to run for New York mayor elecPersonal information

Issac Wright Jr. studied where?

Issac Jr. attended Berkeley High School. He also completed his bachelor of science degree at Thomas Edison State University. Wright received his Juris Doctor from St. Thomas University School of Law.



Is Issac Jr. married to Issac Wright?


Issac Wright Jr. was married to Sunshine Wright in 1982. They divorced in 1991. Tikealla S. Wright was born to the couple.


Net worth

What is the annual salary of Issac Jr.


He is an American celebrity lawyer. His net worth is $600 million. . ?


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