Jimmy White Net Worth

Jimmy White net worth:

Jimmy White, an English professional snooker player, has a net worth $9 million. Jimmy White was born May 1962 in Tooting, England. He is known as “The Whirlwind” and “People’s Champion”. White has been a finalist in six World Championships. White won the 1980 World Amateur Championship and the 2009 Six-red Grand Prix Championship. He also won the 2010 World Seniors Championship and the 1984 World Doubles Championship. Jimmy White has also won both the Nations Cup and the UK Championship. He was the first left-handed player to break the World Championship maximum, and the second such player in history. He is the #2 player in his career and has won almost five million pounds. He is also a skilled pool and poker player, and was awarded an MBE for his services in 1999. In 2014, his autobiography was published.

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