How to Lose 10 kilos Fast with Magnesium Water, Cinnamon Tea, Green Tea & Ginger Plus How to Prepare It

I invite you to read this post where I will tell you how to prepare the magnesium water that will make you lose up to 10 kilos.

For most women, keeping fit seems very difficult to do, especially since we have the idea that to achieve this we must undergo very restrictive diets or that we must “kill ourselves” with hunger; Fortunately, there is a remedy that will not only help you lose weight in a very short time, but it will also do it very easily.

What is Magnesium?

Magnesium is a nutrient that our body uses for some of the most important processes, such as the elimination of all toxins that our do not need, much like a “detox”.

It also works magic with our intestinal tract, because it prevents constipation. Magnesium chloride streamlines weight loss.

It is very important that you know that, after a certain age, our body stops producing magnesium, and there are some signs that tell us if we have low levels of it:

  • excessive fatigue,
  • cramps,
  • muscle weakness,
  • nausea,
  • even seizures.

According to specialists, women over 18 years of age need at least 310 mg of magnesium daily in our body.

How to Prepare Magnesium Water

First of all, go to a pharmacy of your choice and buy magnesium chloride, which must be in its powder form.

For this preparation, we will only need 10 g for 200 ml of water. To enhance its effect, we will use the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of pure honey.

Preparation method

  • In a glass or cup, pour the water (it can be cold or hot), even if you prefer, you can put some ice cubes at the end.
  • Take the teaspoon of honey and mix it with the water until it is very well diluted.
  • Add the lemon juice, preferably pitted.
  • Add our star product, that is, magnesium chloride, which is previously measured.
  • Stir everything until the preparation is homogeneous.

Remember that this drink is only a supplement in our diet, so we must be careful to decide how often we take it. The best time to drink this is after breakfast, and only 4 times a week.

Experts recommend taking it for only two months and resting for at least a month, and starting again. You will see that in a short time you will feel more active, lively and the results will also be reflected on your weight on the scale.

So I invite you to check your magnesium levels and take this remedy, which will not only help you stay healthy but will also help you lose weight and feel much more relaxed and at peace with your inner self. Feeling good inside is being good outside!

Cinnamon Tea

Blood sugar has a straight impact on your weight as it affects how hungry and how energetic you are. The more have energy you have, the more likely you are to exercise

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If you have blood sugar that is balanced you are less likely to have a disproportionally large appetite, and your body will be more apt to make use of the stored fat (energy) rather than keeping it docile.

While we debate about cinnamon effectiveness, more and more preliminary researches are coming out showing that cinnamon can aid in managing blood sugar levels.


You will need a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, a cinnamon stick, and 8 ounces of freshwater

Put the cinnamon in a mug and cover with 8 ounces of boiling water. Soak for 15 minutes before straining. Drinking 1-2 times daily.

 Green Tea & Ginger

Some studies have identified three key components in green tea that could help manage weight-caffeine, catechins, and theanine. Caffeine is just a general boost to our system and hastens a number of bodily processes, including metabolism related to weight. (Metabolism is biological factors that sustain.)

Catechins are considered anti-oxidant flavonoids and are bigger in green tea rather than black tea due to a difference in processing. Studies have shown that catechins can help reduce the absorption of lipids (fats) through the intestinal tract.

Theanine is an amino acid in green tea that encourages the release of dopamine, the chemical substance that makes you happy and relaxed. The ginger added to green tea will aid in improving digestion and you can add a little flavor but no sugar or milk.


You will need a half-inch of fresh ginger root, peeled and finely chopped or a half teaspoon of ground ginger.
A teaspoon of green tea, 8 ounces of freshwater, and Raw, organic honey (optional)


Put the green tea and ginger in a strainer or sieve and cover with 8 ounces of boiling water. Soaking green tea for too long can leave it with a bitter taste, so don’t surpass 3-4 minutes. You can mix in a little raw honey if you really want to sweeten it, but avoid milk or sugar at all costs. Drink 1-2 cups a day on an empty stomach.

Rose Petal Water

The importance of rose petal water is supported more by anecdotal evidence than anything. Rose petals serve as a very gentle diuretic. Diuretics encourage the kidneys to put more sodium (salt) into our urine.

This additional salt in turn draws water from our blood, reducing the amount of water in our circulatory system. This is not a permanent weight loss, but the action encourages you to drink more thereby keeping your system flushed clean and hydrated. Staying hydrated can be hugely beneficial to losing weight.


You will need a handful of fresh or dried rose petals.
Distilled water (roughly 1-2 cups) and a pot with a tightly fitting lid

Note: Be sure the fresh rose petals you are using have not been treated with any sort of chemical like insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, etc.

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Put the pot on the stove and put in the rose petals. Add just enough distilled water to submerge them. If some drift to the top it’s not a big deal. Cover the pot with a tightly fitting cover and simmer until the petals lose most of their color (15-20 minutes). Strain the liquid into a glass jar and keep it in the fridge for up to 6 days. Drink about 1 to a half cup every morning on an empty stomach.


While popularly known as a stimulant to speed up a sluggish metabolism, Ginseng’s greatest quality is that it can aid fight fatigue, boost energy and as well help in mental alertness. This plant is huge when it comes to weight loss.

Because without energy, it’s hard to exercise and without exercise, it’s near impossible to lose weight at least in a healthy way. In addition to enhancing energy, there is tentative proof that ginseng can help manage blood sugar levels, which also affects energy levels and appetite.


You will need a teaspoon of chopped American or Korean ginseng
8 ounces of fresh water and raw honey/lemon to taste (optional)


Chop the root and measure out a teaspoon per cup of water. Bring water to a boil and then pour over the ginseng and cover, allowing it to soak for 5-9 minutes. Strain, add honey or lemon for taste if you like, and drink 1-2 a day.

Dandelion & Peppermint

Dandelion and peppermint tea is an excellent drink that will help keep our liver healthy. The liver is an incredible organ. Not only is it the only way to rightly detoxify our body, but it also plays a vital role in many metabolic processes-a lots of which affect weight.

In terms of fat metabolism, the liver contains a lot of cells that break down fats and turn them into usable energy and help our liver helps our weight loss, as it plays a vital role in managing fats and their absorption.

Dandelion and peppermint both aid your liver. Dandelion has hepatoprotection properties, which means it has the ability to prevent damage to the liver.

Peppermint and dandelion both routinely stimulate the production of bile in the liver, aiding with digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Mix these two together, and you have a potent liver-protecting tea.


You will need a teaspoon of dried dandelion leaves and a teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves
8 ounces of boiling water and Lemon to taste (optional)

Empty a cup of boiling water over the dandelion and peppermint and soak, covered, for 5-10 minutes. Strain, put lemon to taste if you like and drink a cup twice daily.

You can also prepare this with fresh dandelion leaves/roots and fresh peppermint, just use a rough handful of the fresh leaves for the quantity, but be absolutely sure that there have been no chemicals applied to them.