Michelle Mone Net Worth

Michelle Mone Net Worth:

Michelle Mone, a former model and entrepreneur from Scotland, has a net worth in excess of $120 million. She is a leading designer in the UK and serves as CEO of MJM International Ltd.

Michelle Georgina Allan was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on October 8, 1971. At 15 she left school to pursue modeling. Michelle became pregnant at 19 with Michael Mone’s first child. They would have three children together. Michelle and Michael split in 2011. They divorced in 2011. She rose to become Labatt’s head for marketing in Scotland within two years. She was eventually fired. She was eventually laid off. This was when she began to consider starting her own business, a bra-maker that would make more comfortable and more attractive bras.

After three years of developing the idea, she founded MJM International Ltd. in November 1996. Soon after, the company patented the Ultimo bra. With the new company Ultimo, she expanded to all types of lingerie. In 2015, she sold 100% of Ultimo.

Mone received an OBE from the Queen of England in 2010 for her outstanding contribution to business.

Michelle is now married to Doug Barrowman, an entrepreneur.

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