Mike Majlak Net Worth

Mike Majlak , a well-known Youtuber, hails from California. He was conceived in Milford CT, on January 13, 1985.

Michael Malak, also known as Mike Majlak in America, is a well-known American Youtuber, podcast host and author. He is currently dating Lana Rhoades, a former pornstar.

Michael Malak was well-known for his association with social media influencers such as Jacquelyn Nelle, Logan Paul and Ayla woodruff. He co-authored “The Fifth Vital” along with Riley J. Ford.

Mike Majlak’s career

Why is Mike Majlak so famous?

Mike Malak is an American celebrity. He is multi-talented and has tried his hand at vlogging, podcasting photography, marketing, etc. His Youtube channel has over 2.45 million subscribers. He is also well-known for his association to social media influencers such as Jacquelyn Nelle, Logan Paul, Lydia Kenney, and Ayla Woodruff. Logan Paul also employs him as a Maverick marketing manager. He began his career working as a social media promotion specialist for Nice Guy Promotions.

The Essential Foodie was his first blog. He also tried photography. After his association with Logan Paul, Mike rose to great popularity. Their podcast, which was released in October 2018, became extremely popular. Riley J. Ford co-authored his book, The Fifth Vital. He also shared his personal story. He is highly regarded on all social media platforms. His Instagram account has over 1.7 million followers and his Youtube channel has 2.45 million subscribers.

Mike Majlak’s Net worth

How much is Majlak’s annual income?

Mike Majlak has a net worth of $1.5 million. He earns approximately $ 50 thousand annually. Mike is a social media influencer and has a lot of sponsorship. This is his main way to make money. He also often hosts live streams to raise money. He owns his merchandise and sells it through brand agreements with companies such as Dollar Shave Club. Mike gave his mother an Audi SUV, her dream car in one of his Youtube videos. It was viewed over three million times and became extremely popular.

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