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Miniminter is a British YouTuber. Miniminter is most well-known for his role in the internet personality group The Sidemen.

Early life


Net Worth $4 million

OccupationYouTuber, Influencer,


Age 29

Miniminter net WMiniminter, real name Simon Edward Minter, was born September 7, 1992 in Hemel Hempstead (age 29, United Kingdom).

He is the brother of Nick and Johnny. His parents are Minter. He went to Berkhamsted School, Hertfordshire.


Miniminter: The Sidemen are a British YouTube channel that includes Internet personalities KSI (miniminter), Zerkaa TBJZL and Behzinga as well as Vikkstar123, Vikkstar123, W2S, and Zerkaa. This group is most well-known for creating videos of different challenges, sketches, and video game commentaryaries across multiple YouTube channels. They have a combined total over 128,000,000 subscribers as of October 20Olajide Olatunji – also known online as KSI (2013-2018).

Joshua Bradley (known online as Zerkaa, 2013-present).

Tobit Brown (also known online as Tobjizzle, TBJZL or Tobit Brown)

Ethan Payne, also known online as Behzinga (2013)-present

Vikram “Vik” Barn, also known online under Vikkstar123 (2013-present).

Harry Lewis – also known online as Wroetoshaw (2014-present).

Before the group was created, some of the members were friends. Bradley and Brown attended Bexley Grammar School, London. Olatunji was at Berkhamsted School, Hertfordshire. Minter and Bradley both attended Bexley Grammar School, London.

The group was formed from the Rockstar Games Social Club group, “The Ultimate Sidemen”, created on 19 October 2013. It was called “The Ultimate Sidemen” and included all members except Lewis. Bradley met Lewis in January 2014 at a FIFA gaming convention in New York City. He invited him to join the group. Minter described the group’s name in a video. He said that a sideman is someone’s little girl who follows them around […] I was JJ’s little girl that followed him around.”

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Olatunji and Bradley moved in together to a house near London in February 2014. They called it the “Sidemen House” because they could collaborate more often.

The group’s YouTube channel, named after them, reached 10 million subscribers on December 1, 2020. YouTube awarded each member of the group a Diamond Play Button to commemorate theYouTube content.

Sidemen, MoreSidemen and SidemenReacts are the four YouTube channels of the group. These channels publish a wide variety of videos, including sketches, challenges, and video game commentary.

Sidemen channels have over 13.4 million subscribers, 3.1 billion views and MoreSidemen has more than 5.7 million subscribers, 1.9 billion views and 835 million views. SidemenReacts has over 3 million subscribers, SidemenShorts over 1.3million subscribers, and 330 million views.

The Sidemen Show is a web TV series that was released by the group on 18 June 2018. It’s available only to YouTube Premium subscribers. It consists of seven 30-minute episodes, which were filmed all over the globe and include a variety of celebrity guests.

The Sidemen created a 20-minute YouTube video entitled “#StayHome” in March 2020. The Sidemen were featured along with more than 100 other YouTube creators and celebrities, raising awareness about the UK’s “stay home” campaign. This was intended to decrease the spread of COVID-19. The NHS received all advertising revenue from the video.

Other projects

Miniminter has been selling and distributing Sidemen Clothing merchandise since 2014. The group published Sidemen: The Book on 18 October 2016. The book was published by Coronet Books. The group then embarked upon a promotional tour across the UK. The book was a number one bestseller in the UK and sold 26,436 copies in its first three days.

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Sidemen Charity Football Match 2018 The group hosted three football matches to raise funds for charitable causes. In 2016, the first match was played at St Mary’s Stadium in Southampton. It raised over PS110,000 for Saints Foundation. The Valley Stadium in London hosted the second and third matches, which raised PS210,000 for NSPCC and Charlton Athletic Community Trust respectively.


Miniminter is single at the moment. Miniminter is not currently dating anyone. We don’t know much about his ex-wife or girlfriend. Our database shows that he does not have any children.

Miniminter net worth

What is Miniminter worth in value? Miniminter’s net worth is approximately $4 million. Miniminter’s main source of income comes from his media personality job. He has a successful career that has allowed him to enjoy luxurious lifestyles and expensive cars. at the Valleyir milestone. 21.orth 2022

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