Nick DiGiovanni Net Worth

Nick DiGiovanni, a well-known chef, TV personality, and internet personality, rose to fame after appearing in the tenth season’s MasterChef. He was third.

He was the youngest finalist ever on MasterChef.

He is very active today on TikTok’s food channel. There he posts regularly and is one the most popular creators.

The Origin Story

He was born May 19, 1996 and grew up in Providence (Rhode Island) in an Italian and Persian family.

  • Nick is the oldest brother of all four siblings.
  • Nick always credits his grandmother, mother, and great-grandmother for instilling his love of food and cooking early on. He also loved to cook at home when he was a child.


  • He continued his studies at Harvard University for a special degree on Food and Climate. He graduated in 2019.
  • He created this major by himself and worked with a Harvard Medical School professor.

Nick already showed how entrepreneurial he was by proposing a school curriculum that combined climate science, anthropology and business of food.

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He was a Harvard student, and he participated in MasterChef while he was a Harvard student. This was one of two times in the show’s history that he has competed in MasterChef.

Nick DiGiovanni – Net Worth

DiGiovanni is primarily dependent on his social media feeds for income. He creates food and cooking content on YouTube and TikTok. This generates a lot for him. YouTube has more than 2 billion views by DiGiovanni, which is equivalent to $6 million in pre-tax revenue.

His TV appearances and appearances on MasterChef were another source for income, which helped him rise to fame.

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American chef Nick DiGiovanni is estimated to have a net worth of $3million.

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