Number To Dial To See If Your Phone Is Tapped

Since the existence of phone, people no longer write down information in a paper or book, store some memorable pictures in a photo album, trek for miles to pass a message to one another. “Number To Dial To See If Your Phone Is Tapped”

Go to the bank to do some transactions or travel a distance just to know how their family members and friends are faring. As a result of this, phone has been the closest thing to human and a man’s right hand man.

Many atimes, we go on with our daily activities without having the knowledge that our phone conversations are exposed or open to unknown snoop around us, who wants to know our in and out.

They tend to achieve this by inputting a code in our phone secretly and listening to our conversation each time we are on call. If your phone is tapped unknown to you, you are at a greater risk because you never can tell the hidden motive of the tapper; whether it’s of good or for evil.


The most dangerous aspect is that you no longer enjoy your privacy because your  deep secrets are made open, your whereabouts monitored, agenda disclosed, and your hard earned money at the verge of loss.

I know you might be wondering why would someone tap your phone and for what reasons? There lots of people who can tap your phone for various reasons; people like your best friend who thinks you are hiding a secret from him or her and wants to know your secrets.

Your spouse who thinks there is something fishy going under the carpet that needs to be swept out, your parents who thinks that your sudden change of character is as a result of the company you keep.

A detective who sees you as a suspect or an accomplice and needed to get some vital informations from you or hackers who want to extort money from you.

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Again, your phone can be tapped through spyware apps, so be careful and guide your phone with some security measures that will help protect it.

Sometimes, when your phone is tapped by someone, it can divert your calls to an unknown sources, pop up unwanted apps and ads, consumes data, drains battery often, or odd messages from strangers. But this is not a hundred percent guarantee that your phone is tapped.

The best method used in checking if your phone has been tapped, is by dialling some numbers which we are going to show you below on your phone and also the solutions to putting an end to it.

Through this, you can be sure if it’s tapped or not, if it’s not, relax and enjoy your peace of mind. Now, let’s look at those numbers to dial to see if your phone is tapped, and the numbers to deactivate it.


  1. A)  > Go to your phone dialler

    > Dial *#21#

    > All the informations about the diversion status of your line will be displayed. With this, you will be able to know if your phone call conversations and messages are been listened or monitored by another. If your phone is tapped, dial ##21#, in order to deactivate it.

  1. B) > Go to your phone dialler

   > Dial *#06#

   > An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) code will be displayed. This enables you to track the location of your phone even when stolen and your sim card broken. As long the person using your phone powers it on, it will show the location even with the person’s sim in it. Then, dial ##06# to deactivate your phone from been traced or monitoring your locations/whereabouts.

  1. C) > Go to your phone dialler

   > Dial *#002#

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   > This will tell if your phone call conversation is been diverted.

Dial ##002# if your phone is tapped. This is just a means of keeping your phone safe whether tapped or not. As soon as you dial the above numbers, it disconnects all diversion or redirection of calls and messages from your phone. By doing this, the person who tapped your phone will not be able to monitor, listen to your calls nor get any information from you.

  1. D) > Go to your phone dialler

   > Dial *#62#

   > This will tell or show you if your calls, messages or data is been redirected or diverted to someone else without your knowledge and permission. If your calls, messages or data is been redirected, dial ##62# in your phone dialler to deactivate it.

  1. E) > Go to your phone dialler

   > Dial *#67#

   > If it displays that forwarded calls are busy, then your phone is tapped. Dial ##67# to deactivate it.

  1. F) > Go to your phone dialler

   > Dial *#004#

   > If it displays unconditional forwarding state, then it’s tapped. Simply dial ##004# to deactivate it.

Note: Prevention is better than cure. It’s better you guard your phone by taking certain security measures than going through stress just after it has been tapped.

Be mindful of who give your phone to. Do not give your phone to strangers or someone you know you didn’t trust. Again, do not download nor install apps from unknown and untested source.