Gyrotonic Machine, Gyrotonic Equipment & The Gyrotonic Method

gyrotonic method, gyrotonic machine, gyrotonic equipment

Gyrotonic machine (Gyrotonic equipment) was developed at the end of the 1940s by Juliu Horvath, a Hungarian dancer who, after suffering multiple injuries, was looking for rehabilitation therapy and, not finding it, decided to create the Gyrotonic method.  Thus, the Gyrotonic method was born. It combines elements of dance, yoga, swimming, and tai chi and is … Read more

Hallux: The Types, Causes, Problems, Solutions & Truth Revealed

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To many, it’s simply known as the big toe, but in the anatomy of the human body, it’s called the hallux. Hallux is the common origin of most foot pain for many of us.  Most big toe pain is easily associated with bunions, but bunions are just one problem that causes pain in the toe. … Read more