PC Games That Use The Webcam

A webcam is a video device in a computer that sends photos to the internet. It stores information in a video form and shows it live to the viewers. “PC Games That Use The Webcam”

It is used both by adults and children to have fun while playing games at home, because it enables you physically participate in the game you are playing.

Many big organizations and companies who has employees scattered around the world and most of them works at home; uses this webcam in having a live meeting with the other employees who can’t come to the meeting hall or who are far away from the company or organization.

Those at home and those in the office uses this as a medium of having a live video where they discuss important matters concerning the company or organization. It connects to several people from different locations at a time.


Individuals make use of webcam as well for sending their pictures to the internet, it does that faster than you can imagine.

Gone are the days when you have to travel or go a long distance to see someone one on one physically to discuss important issues.

Increase in mobility in our world of technology has made this easier and simplier, that you can stay wherever you are and still see and communicate with your colleagues, friends and family members all over the world.

Nevertheless, there are some PC games that uses webcam which makes gaming more real, lively and fun. Some of which the players act while playing the game by moving their arms, limbs and hands.

This is super fun and we are going to look into some of those PC games that uses webcam right now.



Wow! Food! food! food! Just the name alone tells you what’s in this game! If you love food especially pizza, then you are going to fall in love with this game because it got to make your favourite by yourself.

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Isn’t it fun? Then if you don’t know how to prepare pizza, playing this game will help you have a bit knowledge of the recipes used in preparing it and how to make it as well.

In this game, you are going to prepare your desired pizza by yourself by simply tapping on the pizza recipes on your screen. Any recipe you tap, you add it to pizza. This game is not only fun and interesting to play but also tests the level of your cooking ability and pace.

This game is also challenging, in the sense that you are expected to make a lot of pizza within a short period using the right recipe for a delicious and tasty pizza.



This is an engaging fun game in which the player is expected to protect his snow castle by blocking the snowballs. In this game, you have to move some parts of your body like the arms, hands and limbs so as your character to be active on screen.

These movements are done in different directions in order to block the snowballs from destroying your snow castle. This game is accompanied with good music on the background, quality computer graphics and good animation techniques.

Note, one thing which is very necessary or important is that you will be needing a good quality webcam to be able to capture the body movements well and clear.



This game is super interesting and exciting to play. It’s a game of basketball, in which the player controls the movement of the ball by just moving his or her hands from one place to another facing the webcam.

In this game, your main target is on the basket, throwing your ball to it and making points in order to move to the next level of the game. Although it’s fun to play, but it can sometimes get frustrating when the camera couldn’t get exact movement of your hands and makes a mess of the game.

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This game is special in the sense that it adds games amidst and gives room for its players to make a practical examination of effects and filters on  picture editing.

It plays it’s games in chains (one after the other) making it more fun than the usual. Some body movements are been carried out by the player like moving of the hands, head and feet, so as to control the game.



This game is so so interesting and engaging in the sense that it gives room for its player to explore his or her time doing what he loves most, that is if you are lover of ninja.

It improves your fighting skills and make you fearless. In this game, you as the player is expected to defend yourself from the fierce ninja attackers by moving any part of your body which you dim fit.

It’s not just a game but a good way of exercising the body, but in doing that; carefulness should be applied to avoid damage or loss.



This is a game of sorting which involves the movement of your arms in moving an object on the screen as you search for objects of the same colour.

In this game, the player is expected to arrange the objects he or she sees according to their form of appearance and colour.

This comes in form of a research task, because your ability to sort different objects based on their shape and colour, determines your height or level in the game.

“PC Games That Use The Webcam”