Peter Waterman Net Worth

Pete Waterman net worth:

Pete Waterman, an English producer, songwriter and DJ has a net worth in excess of $50 million.Peter Waterman was born in Stoke Heath (Coventry), England. He left school at an early age to work full-time as a railway station manager.After he became a musician, he began to make a name for hisself as a DJ and gravedigger.He was well-known for his Under-18s matinee discos. By the late 70s, however, he was producing and writing tracks for various artists.He went on to produce twenty Top Ten UK hits.He has also been a presenter, host, judge, and presenter on television programs such as “The Hit Man”, Pop Idol, “Pop Stars: The Rivals”, as well as shows for Radio City.He is also a collector of both toy and real trains and has written numerous articles and books on railway travel.

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