PSP Games To Download

PSP(play station portable) games are hand held games, created, promoted and distributed by Sony computers.



PSP games has over the years been the most popular and preferred games ever due to its interesting and captivating nature.

Some people use it to relax after a day’s work, some for pleasure/enjoyment and others for entertainment. There are so many to benefit as a PSP game player. Some of them are

  • The batteries contained within the unit can be charged while you are still playing your game.
  •  It allows you to play and listen to your favourite music.
  • It allows you to play your desired video games.
  • It gives you the capacity of playing against others because of it’s wireless features.
  • It gives room for more than two persons to play the same game at a time.
  • It has a sleep mode which makes booting and uploading of game faster.
  • It is capable of playing MP4  formatted movies.
  • It provides technical support at all times.


Are you a lover of PSP games? Do you love entertainment and interesting videos? Then the best step to take is downloading PSP games.

You don’t need to go anywhere, you can download any PSP game of your choice at the comfort of your home using your Android phone/smartphone or tablet.

But before you do that, make your phone has at least 1GB of read access memory and the operating system installed in it is Marshmallow.

PSP games requires a play station portable emulator to run several game. Steps in downloading and install PSP games on your smartphone/Android device.

  • Download and install PSP Android emulator known as PPSSPP. The emulator are of two types; one is free while the other known as Gold app is worth $4.99.
  • Download your desired PSP games
  • Convert the game to ISO or CSO files
  • Download Zarchiver which is used to compress to RAR to make lighter and reduce the usage of data.
  • Open the Zarchiver and extract the PSP game files by opening and running Zarchiver.
  • Search for the game file which is still in RAR form.
  • Tap extract on the Zarchiver app
  • Open the extract results to view files
  • Open the RAR file and extract the file behind it
  • Extract the game file to your PSP folder when the extract process has been completed. The reason for the extraction is to reduce the size of the data from GB to MB
  • Open the PSP emulator
  • Open the folder
  • Open the game file which was extracted to ISO and enjoy your favourite games.
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PSP Games To Download


When searching for PSP games to download, these are some of the best among them.


This is an action filled video game which was launched and developed by Ubisoft Montreal.  It is full of fast paced activities, has good graphics and also interesting to play.


This is an aggressive war game with an intense battle actions between the opponents to determine whose gonna be the hero at the end of the game.

           TEKKEN 6

This is a game where the world best fighters or warriors come together to compete with one another. They create a background to display their fighting skills.


This game is where you will experience the most serious and severe combat; struggling for victory like counter attack, theft, melee, and shooting at targets.


This is the most famous game ever known it’s graphics. It was developed by Monica Santa.


This is a game of street racing, police chase, criminals escape and driving thrills. It is an interesting and challenging game to play.


This is a game filled with violence and actions. It is consists of daring feat, encountering risks, hazardous and striking scenes; interesting to play and watch. The fighters are strict and brutal.


This is a game that contains a series of events considered appropriate to an epic, which deals on talents, music, intuitive and native environment.

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   Like we told you earlier, there are so many PSP games you can still download from play station store. They are

  1. 7 wonders of the ancient world
  2. March to glory
  3. Adventures to go
  4. Al Shogi
  5. Generation of Chaos
  6. Joint Assault
  7. Alien Syndrome
  8. App Academy
  9. Akiba’s Trip
  10. Al Go
  11. App Quest
  12. I Love You
  13. Arm’s Heart
  14. Archer Maclean’s Mercury
  15. Auditorium
  16. B-Boy
  17. Defenders of the core
  18. Beats
  19. Crystal Defenders
  20. Be Jewelled
  21. Beaterator
  22. Class Of Heroes 1-3
  23. BIGS 2
  24. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs
  25. Blaze Union
  26. Airport Hero Kankuu
  27. Block Cascade Fusion
  28. Cabela’s African
  29. Bliss Island
  30. Breathe Of Fire
  31. Capcom Puzzle World
  32. Burnout’s Dominator
  33. Championship Manager
  34. Carnage Heart EXA
  35. Cho Aniki Zero
  36. Beta Bloc
  37. The Cons
  38. Coded arms
  39. Black Rock Shooter
  40. Crash of the Titans
  41. Daxter
  42. Creature defense
  43. Dairus Burst
  44. Criminal girls
  45. Battle Chess
  46. Dead head Fred
  47. Echo chrome
  48. Dice Dice Fantasia
  49. Fate/Extra
  50. Dragon’s Lair.