Secret Passcode To Unlock Any Iphone In 2022

We have some great news for those who have an Apple device that they can’t remember the passcode of. It can be unlocked in under fifteen minutes, without any data loss in a factory reset.

Although there’s no one password that works on all iPhone models, it doesn’t mean you can’t open a locked iPhone.

This article will provide the best tips for opening an iPhone without entering a password. Let’s get started, shall we?

Part 1. Part 1.

One of the two possible reasons you may be looking for a secret code to unlock your iPhone is that:


  • First, you might be trying to unlock another person’s phone without their consent.
  • Another scenario is when you accidentally find an old device in your drawer and forget the iPhone password.

You can unlock your iPhone in either of these cases without having to reset it or take it to a technician. However, this could expose you and your valuable data.

Wondering how? Try guessing the secret password! If that fails, you can try the other smart options we’ve listed here.

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Part 2. Part 2.

Many believe there is a secret passcode that could allow them to access any iPhone they want. Apple devices don’t have master keys that unlock them at will.

iPhone passcodes can vary depending on who it was set as. To unlock your iPhone, you can always find the passcode on another device.

Some people now have simple passwords. It is easiest to guess the six-digit pincode. You can try simple combinations like 111111, 000000, 123456, 987654, etc.

You can use combinations such as all 1, 2, 3, 4, and 0s if the device has a passcode of four digits. If you know the phone owner, you can enter their birth year.

These secret passcodes won’t work in all situations. You should consider other methods to unlock an iPhone, without having to guess the secret password.

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Part 3. Part 3.

It is said that “Where there’s a will there’s a way.” But one thing is certain: no one can resist unlocking an iPhone.

We have found five clever ways to get into an iPhone, despite Apple’s strict privacy controls.

This is a detailed guide to unlocking your iPhone without entering a passcode.

1. Find My App

You can easily remove your passcode if you have the “Find My” option enabled on your iPhone.

This method will delete all data and reset the default settings. It also removes your password. However, if your device has been synced with iCloud, this won’t be a problem as you can still retrieve the data!

Steps to unlock iPhone with Find My App

Step 1: Connect your Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android to a Wi Fi or 4G network.

Step 2: Open “Find My App” on your device.

Step 3: Sign in using your Apple ID password.

Step 4: Select the device that you want to reset. Go to the “Actions” tab.

Step 5: Click “Erase iPhone”. The menu will confirm that you want to reset your device. To erase all data on your iPhone, select “Erase iPhone” once more.

Step 6: Your iPhone will restart and you can use it again without needing to enter a passcode.

Step 7: Next restore data from an iCloud back-up


  • This method allows you to unlock your iPhone with any Apple device.
  • It is quick and efficient
  • The iCloud backup can be used to retrieve deleted data
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  • The device must be able to turn on the “Find My iPhone!” function
  • This method won’t work if your iPhone isn’t connected to a WiFi network
  • If you haven’t enabled iCloud Backup before erasing data, you can’t recover it.

2. Use Tenorshare 4uKey

Tenorshare4uKey unlocks locked or disabled iPhones without the need to enter the secret password. It quickly and safely removes the lock screen password from an iPhone, giving you full access to it.

This method, just like the first, will expose your device’s data. You can have backup files.

4uKey: Steps to unlock an iPhone

Step 1: After downloading, installing and launching iOS Unlock, select “Unlock iOS Screen”.

Step 2: Use an Apple USB cable to connect your locked device with your computer.

Step 3: Turn on the iPhone in Recovery Mode to allow the apps to identify the model and version of the iPhone.

Step 4: To download the latest iOS version for your iPhone, simply verify the details and then click “Download”.

Step 5: After the firmware has been downloaded UkeySoft Unlocker will prompt you to confirm the unlock code. To begin the process, click on the “Start Unlock” button.

Step 6: After the software has successfully deleted your iPhone’s data it will display a prompt titled “Removal Completed”. Allow the iPhone’s to restart.

Step 7: After that, you will be able to access your device without needing to enter a passcode.


  • It takes just a few seconds
  • All types of passcodes can be unlocked, including pin code pattern, fingerprint unlock, and Face ID
  • There are no technical requirements
  • Compatible with iOS newest versions


  • Can’t remove iCloud Activation Lock

3. Use iTunes

You can unlock your device using a similar process if it doesn’t have “Find My iPhone”, but you have already synced it with iTunes.

Steps to unlock an iPhone using iTunes

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to another Apple device.

Step 2: Open iTunes and update it with the most recent version.

Step 3: Click the device icon and click “Summary.” Then, choose “Backup Now”.

Step 4: Once you have backed up your iPhone select “Restore iPhone”.

Click “Restore” to confirm.

Step 5: Once the restoration is complete, open the settings menu and select “Recover From iTunes Backup” to retrieve any data that was lost during unlocking.


  • It’s simple and quick
  • Allows you to retrieve data that was lost during unlocking


  • Before the iPhone can be locked, it must be synced with iTunes
  • After unlocking your iPhone, you will need to reconfigure it.

4. Use iTunes Recovery Mode

How do I unlock my phone if “Find My iPhone” is not turned on or synchronized with iTunes? You don’t have to worry, iTunes recovery mode can do the job effortlessly!

Steps to unlock an iPhone using iTunes Recovery Mode

Step 1: Use a USB cable to connect the iPhone locked to a computer or iPad.

Step 2: Start iTunes on your computer.

Step 3: Turn on the phone and put it in recovery mode. The process for entering recovery mode will vary depending on the iPhone model.

iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and other newer models (including iPhone SE 2nd generation and 3rd generation).

  • Release the Volume Up button quickly.
  • Release the Volume Down button quickly.
  • Hold down the “Side” button on your iPhone to display the “Recovery Mode menu.
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For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

  • Hold the “Power” key and the “Volume Down” key simultaneously.
  • Continue holding down until the iPhone displays the Recovery Mode interface.

iPhone SE 1st Gen and iPhone 6S, as well as a variety of Earlier Models.

  • Hold the power and home buttons simultaneously.
  • Keep the device in its place until the screen of recovery mode appears.

You need to try again if you see the screen with your passcode.

Step 4: iTunes will display a popup notifying you of an error when the device is in Recovery Mode.

To allow iTunes to install the correct software version on your device, select “Restore”.

After the recovery process has been completed, the screen lock password and all data will be removed from the device.


  • Even without prior synchronization, it works well


  • It will wipe all of your data

5. Siri is a great tool!

Siri can unlock your iPhone if nothing else works. Here’s how:

Steps to unlock an iPhone using Siri

Step 1: Activate Siri using – you all know how!

Step 2: Ask Siri “What Time is It Now?” Your screen will display the current time.

Step 3: Click the clock icon and then the Plus icon at the upper right corner. A list of time zones will appear.

Step 4: Next, enter any characters into the search box. Click “Select All” to continue. Finally, click “Share.”

Step 5: Copy the text that you have copied earlier and paste it into the “To” field of the new message dialogue box.

Step 6. Step 6.

Step 7: Wait for a few seconds before pressing the home key. You will be taken to the iPhone’s homepage without having to enter your passcode.


  • There is no need to reconfigure the device.
  • This is the simplest and fastest way to unlock your iPhone.
  • Your valuable data will not be lost


  • Only for iOS 8-13
  • Can’t remove iCloud lock

Part 4. Part 4.

Siri is great for unlocking iPhones with newer versions of iPhone. You can unlock your iPhone using Siri for older iOS versions such as iOS 6.1.

Use the new Secret Button to unlock your iPhone

Step 1: Choose the Emergency Call option from your phone’s lock screen.

Step 2: Call 911 or 112 and hit “Cancel” immediately

Step 3: To turn off the screen, press the power button. Turn it on again and slide it open.

Step 4: Hold down the power button for 3 seconds, then quickly click on the emergency call button to receive the prompt “Slide to Power Off”. That’s it! You have successfully unlocked your iPhone!


  • Excellent for older iOS versions
  • There are no technical requirements


  • Only the phone dialer, photos and contacts can be accessed. To access other features, you will need to enter your password.

In conclusion

They say that if they tell you to hold the nose with your right hand, it doesn’t matter if you hold it with your left or your right.

It doesn’t matter how you unlock your iPhone with the alternate methods we have mentioned, as long it does the job!

What are you waiting to do? This guide will show you how to hack any iPhone like a professional hacker.


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