Styku Cost & The Truth About Styku 3D Scanner Revealed: Features, Price, etc…

Styku body scanner is a great way to differentiate yourself from home or app-based services, and it is good that you know about styku cost, styku scan cost and other important information concerning styku.

The summary of research conducted at the University of North Dakota on the use of Styku body scanners may have hinted that this technology can be a tool to identify sports stars.

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Styku cost and Price List

The study has cataloged Styku, which is a 3D body scanner, as a new method to identify potential elite sportspersons. As the study itself highlighted, “this technology has great replication of results and is capable of identifying insignificant changes in individuals.”

The study further revealed that the Styku 3D body scanner could have a profound and lasting impact on sports, health, and fitness, and can be used for talent identification and to optimize exercise prescription for performance and health.

Styku Cost & The Study with Styku

 49 (30 women and 19 men) University of North Dakota athletes participated in the study, and the objective was to determine, through repetitions, the Reliability of a portable 3D body scan system to assess body circumferences as well as body segments of athlete participants.

The study revealed that the Styku scanner shows a high capacity of identifying negligible changes between individuals.

By extracting and calculating a large number of body measurements, the scanners can be used to identify potentials and monitor changes resulting from practice and training.

styku research center

Before now, the traditional way in which researchers and health professionals carry out evaluations is by manual means (use of calipers and measuring tapes), which are limited in scope, invasive, tedious, and require a lot of experience.  

Luckily, 3D body scanners, have streamlined and simplified anthropometric assessments, avoiding all of the aforementioned shortcomings.

The Styku Body Scan

The styku 3D body scanning technology and similar technologies work by creating millions of data points across the human body for precise and consistent measurement.

It consists only of a simple weight scale turntable that acts as a scale on which users climb and a high-powered 3D camera. It can even be used in “self-service” mode, where users can scan themselves without the need for anyone to supervise the process. 

In this way, styku can deliver a comfortable, non-invasive experience that engages users, so that users feel more motivated. Furthermore, this tech device is much safer, since it uses harmless infrared light to collect the data, rather than radiation or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI images). 

For this same reason, scans can be carried out continuously in close succession, and coaches, trainers, scientists, and other practitioners can use this portable technology to measure sports teams, and other large groups, quickly and effectively without the invasiveness or technical proficiency required with manual practices.

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Styku Cost & features

The 3D body scanner has the following features:

  • A turntable for you to stand on, and programmed to accept maximum weight of 250kg.
  • Infrared 3D camera: This powerful 3D sensor camera can extract millions of data points in the body in less than a minute.
  • A lightweight aluminum protector for the 3D camera.

The Computer System requirements:

  • 64-bit dual-core with 3.1 GHz processor or faster
  • A 4 GigaBite RAM
  • Dedicated USB 3.0 SuperSpeed bus & supported chipset
  • DirectX 11 graphics card with at least 1 GB of dedicated video memory.
  • Windows 8.1 or above OS.

Styku Scan Accuracy

This 3D scanner has a robust calculation system. It uses the Phoenix algorithm by benchmarking from a DEXA scanning machine. From studies done, it completely removes human measurement and calculation errors.

The manufacturer carried out hundreds of DEXA and Styku laser scans, found the external body landmarks that were best at predicting results, and built the Phoenix system to calculate from those.

Studies have found that the styku scan accuracy is around 94% accurate for women and 92% for men.

3D measurements as the future indicators of health, fitness and performance 

With all that has been said so far, one can forecast that this technology is going to become even more relevant in the coming years since 3D measurements can provide better indicators of health, fitness, and athletic performance.

3D body scanning technology has also made it much easier – and in some cases possible – to examine body composition markers that could link one to the risks of chronic conditions, like heart disease; it can also examine the performance capabilities of athletes.

This has presented us with the opportunity to analyze new measurements that could potentially lead to improved treatments for some medical conditions, and improved performance out there in the field.

Soon, we hope that this scanner would be purchased by governments and we build centers where the people can carry out tests to improve their lifestyles like we are seeing with vaccine centers being erected all over Africa and the world in general.

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Styku Cost & Styku Body Scanner Cost

Purchasing a Styku requires a one-time upfront fee for the hardware, and a monthly subscription plan for virtual software, cloud services, and educational certifications.

Styku offers flexible payment options to help businesses preserve cash while they “launch” or “re-launch” their business. The hardware can be paid for across 3 installments. Also, you can finance the hardware for as low as 199 USD/mo. Additionally, if you are lucky, they will waive software licensing fees for you (this is only for a limited time). 

how much is a styku body scanner?

For some reason, the company did not indicate the price of the machine on their site, but the last time we checked, the Styku cost for its 3D body scanner cost around $6,500. This styku price is Due to the impact of COVID-19 on small businesses and may vary over time.

Currently, styku costs $5850 ($6500 Save 10%) and is payable in 3-installments. Available for a limited time. (Styku- the Body Scanner Device).

This Styku cost does not include additional products or services like taxes, shipping, accessories, training, and installation.

styku cost, styku body scanner travelkit
Styku travel kit

Styku Body Scanner Price (Styku Scan Cost) for a Test

People who have done a test have stated that styku scan cost around $20 – $50, which includes a consultation with a personal trainer. Styku assessments are also included as a part of any personal training package that is purchased, and new members get one free scan when they join.

It is really exciting to know that Styku can be used across multiple sectors and disciplines where changes in body metrics, body composition, and posture are vital to appraise.

As more people and groups embrace this machine, the database of 3D body scans will continue to grow, helping to inform and improve health and performance.

Eventually, this will enable researchers and practitioners to better understand how indices or measures from scan results can translate to peak performance, rate of recovery from injury, and more.

This is just the beginning and unlocking the potential of 3D body scanning. So, Let’s welcome Styku.


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